Tube Strike


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Took me an hour and 50 mins to get in today from Caledonian Road to Oxford Circus , usually takes 30mins door to door! Waited ages for a bus which then decided to end at Baker St instead of Marble Arch so had to walk the rest.
Wouldnt of cared that much but i got up at 6.45 so I could get to the gym for 8am as today was the day me n my mate were gona weigh ourselves n see if our hard work over the last 2 weeks had paid off.:evil:
Rant over
I avoid the tube but had missions getting home last night due to a fire at Limehouse. Had to get the tube to Barking which took nearly an hour THEN wait for a packed train to get on back to home......god I was exhausted.

Quite funny how we have an empty office today and some of the people off dont even get the tube..............:lol:
2810 for, 488 against. The rest of 10,000 balloted didn't vote. Doesn't change this capitalist pigdog's perception of these people.