Trip to ibiza from Findland...




Me and my friend are planning a trip to ibiza next summer, I have tried to check flights to ibiza and haven't seen anything else than flights from london to ibiza correct? We are planning to stay near Pacha and Space. What place do you recomend where to get a room, also there should be good pool party's, not too expencive. Thanx.

help !


Why don´t you go via Denmark, its cheaper and the only airline/company that make package-deals for Ibiza in the entire Scandinavia is "Ungrejs" - it´s in Danish, but if you read swedish you will be able to understand. Otherwise try and call them +45 70101310. Talk to either John or Gry.

The prices arent that bad...f.i: hotel above "Savannah" on the sunset-strip incl. returflight for 1 week: 515 Euro - not so bad.

Hope this was useful!
I found flight for us. Costs about 1200EUR. HEL-BCN-IBZ 6hours 50mins.
without hotel!!!!???
thats too expensive! you might wanna change that, it´s just too expensive!

Why don´t you go for package deals?
There are no package deals from Finland. I Tried to check Ungrejs. (my swedish isn't so good) They only offer from denmark and wont send tickets to finnland? At least on web there is no option? How many Denmark Kr is one EUR? Flight to denmark costs 346EUR/person. Which one do you prefer, San Antonio or Ibiza capital? We were planning to stay in capital, and the hotels from ungrejs are in San Antonio?

San Antonio! But that´s because I´m so much into the Cafées on the strip and into the music there! I like chillout and I think you can go for lovely walks around the pier and all the way out to Calla Bassa. I like the western side (NOT West-End!) - of the Island.

Ibiza Town has a lot to offer, but I don´t want to be living in a real town when on Holiday. I wantto be where the beaches are are the cozey feeling is! So that´s why I choose San An. over Ibiza any time. Sure it´s worth a visit, cool bars ect....but San. An is where my heart belongs!

Sure Ungrejs offers trips for Swedish and Norwegian People, and I dont see a problem with people form Finland either. Why don´t you give them a call and see if they can hep you. You can go directly from Copanhagen to Ibiza in 3 hours, + hotel will be MUCH CHEAPER than the solution you´ve come up with so far. The Office Hours are 9-18 - give´em a call!
Maybe we go to San. An. then =) I sent mail to Ungrejs, waiting for answer..... Thanx.
nomatter whee you go in Ibiza it´s still pretty close to evetything since the island is no longer than 42 km ;) so staying in any town schouldn´t be a problem.

Anyway, 7,5 kr is 1 Erou, just to calculate!