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I have an apartment in Cala Vadella that i own and receive various letters from the new company that taken over the management since the last company went bust. I assume they are asking for services charges etc. Unfortunately the person who used to translate these letters for me has gone travelling.

Yesterday i rec'd another letter that i can't understand but did understand one word, Abagdo which means lawyer. Letters from lawyers are never a good thing!

I need someone who, for a reasonable fee, can read and translate the letters and correspond on my behalf. You need to be very fluent in spanish as the letters are in legal speak.

Any help will be much appreciated
for the time begin.can;t you use your pc to do a translater page.i use one when i sell on ebay to spainish buyers.scan the letter if you have a notepad. then copy and paste into the least you will get to understand the letter today.or if no scanner rewrite it in translater
por el tiempo begin.can; t usted utiliza su PC para hacer un uso uno del traductor page.i cuando vendo en ebay a buyers.scan español la letra si usted tiene una libreta de entonces copia y goma en el traductor por lo menos que usted conseguirá entender la letra today.or si ninguna reescritura del explorador él en traductor

perfect spanish

i think internet translations can be more confusing than not understanding a single word of the original. especially legal documents
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I've tried internet translations and they don't make any sense. i also need help corresponding with them. I've got things wrong by using googletranslate in the past.
ok far enough/just a thought.i know they are not the best of translating things.but gives you a rough idea at might be better off nipping in a good hotel.and asking someone at the desk.say you will pay them of course.i know the hotel i was in in june.they were very good at english.speaking and writing.and reading info from letters and pc.

i have just used another site and it comes up very different/strange
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here it is translated back to english

by the time they begin.can; t you use his PC to do a use one of the translator page.i when selvage in ebay to buyers.scan Spanish the letter if you have a notebook of at least then copy and rubber in the translator who you will be able to understand the today.or letter if no reescritura of the explorer he in translator
I'm in England at the moment so no chance of nipping to any hotel.

If all else fails i might go to my local La Tasca or Zara and sweet talk an employee!
Thanks for the offers. It turns out that one of my tenants is Spanish (i thought he was italian?!) and was he only too happy to help out his friendly landlord for a crate of beers 8)