Traktor Pro


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I am new to digital mixing and have just purchased Traktor Pro which I am having difficulties setting up. Has anyone on here got it? If so any help on the below would appreciated

On the start up:
In preferences > Audio Device, I am usually hit with Audio 4 DJ (not connected) or if it does let me choose Audio 4 DJ I cannot select anything in 'Output Routing'

I have also tried this using the Audio 8 DJ.

Also what is a TKS file and how do I load it?
A TKS file includes control assign information for TRAKTOR control parameters to work with HOTKEYS and MIDI controller functions. There are many MIDI controllers; various TKS files are designed to enable TRAKTOR to operate with each controller.

Open Traktor...Open Preferences...Goto 'Hotkey & Midi Setup'...Select 'Midi Interfaces'
...Goto 'Midi Setup' the bottom of the window the Settings menu has 3 options, select Load. This will open a new window - Navigate to your .TKS file, select it and go!

have fun, metro.