Tracks for 2022 🎶


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well worth following the Electronic Love Collective if you enjoy the (real) deep 'ouse. Aroy Dee - Long Tomorrow serving up lush late nite moods for sweaty basements.

on a totally different vibe, feeling this beast Flying Moon In Space - Ardor remixed by Japanese psychers Minami Deutsch. Am a huge fan of theirs and this is just one reason why

and here's another one that caught my ear at the weekend (via Rayko's channel) - the kind of cosmic excursion I've been on for a few years now.

Fresh Ro - El Colibri's Voyage (Rayko remix)



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Just got to know my favorite Soha-track from last year : )

Sam Alfred - Full Of Love

The entire EP is very danceable btw

PS: I'll be less present coming months, focussing on some other things which involve less internet connectivity. I'll do keep an eye out on this forum, more specifically the music threads (so don't you get lady-gaga on me!)


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