tracks for 2021


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That video reminded me of 98/99 when Ferry Corsten released a track with a certain trance chord that pretty much shaped things to come. The point at which I finally lost interest.


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Listen to Keinemusik Radio Show by Roman Flügel 05.11.21 by Keinemusik on #SoundCloud


Pandreas - Bulgaria

Jonathan Kaspar - off the shore

Fort Romeau - Ramona

Robag Wruhme - frontex frappant

Benjamin Frolich - Eternity (Flugel remix)

Roman Flugel - d.i.s.c.o.
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Triple A selection by a fellow music fan for the year-end chart of the Bill Brewster podcast:

Amarcord - Don't Be Sad Because It Is Over, Be Happy 'Cause It Happened (Alan Dixon remix)
Thrillhammer - Heart Throbbing Lover (Eric Kupper Remix)
Gallo - Abysso (Calm's Mellow Mellow Acid Remix)