Track ID - Ralph Lawson


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Hi Guys,

Ralph Lawson played a track last night at Audiotonic in Dubai...... Kind of deep house with a techie edge and this chic with a massive vocal that went "what am I gonna do"!!!

Crap description I know and I apologise but I need to find the track, have searched high and low and cant find it. No idea if it is new or old/remixed etc but if it rings a bell with anyone I'd really appreciate it??

...Or the Todd Terje mix of Chic - I Want Your Love (both use the same sample, though I would actually asssume it's the Moodyman track as the TT remix breaks into the full record (which you would have noted ;) )
Nice one guys, it is the Moodymann track - I Can't Kick this feeling!!

Although I think Mr Lawson took the vocal and put his own stamp on it.......

What a track though!!!!!

Much Appreciated.....