track i.d = dj oliver / la troya


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Does anyone know the name of this track from my not very detailed description?!?

its a techy electro track with a female vocal saying "got you" it jyst says this over and over on a loop. DJ oliver always played it at la troya....

anyone got any ideas?
yeah i gave that a try but it wasnt any of them and i dont think he's updated his chart for a while!
he also has a chart in ibiza dub magazine but it wasnt in there either...

good magazine too!
well, at least some other cool tunes in his dub magazine charts :) but you're right, the website chart doesn't seem to be updated. another try might be to check the la troya sampler, but i'm afraid this is out of date for your tune too.

btw. the dub mag is good, haven't got to know it b4.
i thought you could only get dub magazine in ibiza but found out you can download every issue as a pdf file... some really good dj charts in there!

still not found the track its not really a big track so dont think it will be in any charts just liked the groove of it and wanted to get hold of a copy will keep trying :)
arrrgh i know this one...cant remember the name though.

something like "upto 11" or "11 on the dial" or something along those lines.

dont u hate that when its on tip of your tongue?!
yeah i do!! think of the name!!

this happens to me all the time, sometimes i make my own names up for tracks just to confuse people
hey, why didn't you tell this b4 ... your tune is: :lol:

Gutterpunkt - Up 2 11
(the Yank rmx is cool as well)
Lars, thank you so much, have been after this for ages!

it was the granite phunk mix i was after , downloaded the yank mix too which i also like

Cheers dude :) :)