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Hello, Here is a new mix!!! lots of tunes from 8bit records, little bit more tech orientated than my past few episodes but good tunes none the less. tunes to listen out for Antelia's Let go which is a very sexy track and Veitengruber's Bon Melange.


01. Uner and Coyu Raw Sweat
02. Shonky - Jazz
03. Nick Curly - Say Something
04. Gary Beck - Tijuana
05. Antelia - Let Go
06. Veitengruber - Bon Melange
07. Nick Curly - 4711
08. Andre Crom and Luca Dooble - Ebony
09. Burnski - Packing My Bags
10. Alex Niggemann - El Hechizo
11. Alex Niggemann - Maykayuni
12. Analog People in The A Digital World - Rose Rouge (Cagedbaby Cavern Mix)


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This little mix of goodies is what I'm most probably going be playing this weekend. Awful lot of tribal, latino flavours with tambourines, shakers, wooden blocks and bongos galore. Andrea Natale features alot in this session, he producers some of the best tribal funky house ive heard in a long time. Joseph Petrin's Tosser is a funny little tune and I could resist playing Riva Starr's remix of Ballando over the top it.


01. Daniel Stainberg - Ballando
02. Andrea Natale - Old School
03. Gary Beck - stickto The Reggae
04. Andrea Natale - Part of Me
05. Tim Green and Emerson Todd - Exercise
06. Andrea Natale - Se Acabo
07. Andrea Natale - Im on the Bus
08. Gorge and Nick Curly - Hafenstrasse
09. Joseph Petrin - Tosser
10. Daniel Stainberg - Ballando (Riva Starr Remix)
11. Wolfgang Gartner - Latin Fever

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Hello, Im back yet again with another instalment of my deep house sessions, what seems to be getting more tech orientated by each episode. Lots and lots of goodies this time round, Three awesome tracks from Alan Fitzpatrick... got a bit of thing for him this month, other heavy weights in the mix are Mark Broom and Reset Robot. Jackson Flavour by Paul Ritch is the business! and finally DJ Sneaks remix of Down with G.O.D, wasn't sure about this track at first but there was something about it defo a grower.


01 Tiefschwarz feat R Seth Troxler - Trust (Tim Green Remix)
02 Pirupa & Pigi - Rough and Raw (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)
03 Reset Robot - Do The Slot
04 Dubfire - Rabid
05 Alan Fitzpatrick - Weed Killer
06 Mark Broom - People (Nick Curly Remix)
07 Alan Fitzpatrick - Science
08 Luciano Esse and Toni d - Instabul (Format b Remix)
09 Paul Ritch - Jackson Flavour
10 Channel x - Mosquito
11 Anthea & Celler - Down With G.O.D. (DJ Sneak's What Up D.O.G. Dub)

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This week I'm starting up a new series called In The Mix With... Simple concept each month I will be posting up a mix by a guest DJ. The first episode has been mixed by Silence N'Hance and titled It's Personal...Neva' Business! Its a very sexy uplifting and soulful mix...Enjoy! and here is the track listing:

01 In Love Again - Andy Compton Ft. Diviniti DJ Graphie's (Think House Dub)
02 Never Fall In Love - Gordan Chambers Ft. Glenn Lewis (DJ Spinna's Main Vocal Mix)
03 Love's Just Better - Kloud 9 (The Realm Vocal Remix)
04 123 Yeah...Yeah - Willie Graff & Tuccillo
05 Limbo Taxi - Chris Lattner & Coco Malente
06 Never Fall In Love (Instrum.) - Gordon Chambers Ft. Glenn Lewis
07 Escape - Angel A (Jon Cutler's Remix)
08 Truth Hurts - Bernard Badie Ft. Dajae
09 Living My Life - DJ Spinna Ft. Tricia Angus
10 The Pain - Jake Childs Ft. Alexander East
11 Red Aglet (Somniphobia) - Makcim & Managemend
12 Rain - Kerri Chandler (New...Old School Dub)


Big thanks to Silence N'Hance for this amazing set. You can find out more about Silence N'Hance at Silence N'Hance Podcast Page . If You would like to feature in this series and reach over 600 people in downloads a day please contact me via this board or the podomatic personal message service.

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Up to Volume 9 Already. Ive got some treats in this addition; Claude Vonstroke Vocal Chords, this track is unbelievably good! Victor Vera & Mijail, Jungler really nice drum patterns with some tasty samples, The Royal We, Party Guilt, sexy, deep, the drop puts shivers down your spine and the last track on the mix is Tom Middleton Kalahari (San Wedding Mix) great summer tune lots of caribbean flavours. Thats just few to look out for but there all good.

Big thanks for all your comments and downloads, in the last month my podcast has gone from strength to strength and is now in the top 55 which i never expected. Drop by and say hello, tell me your favourite colour or something.

Enjoy the mix and here is the tracklisting

01. Claude Vonstroke - Vocal Chords
02. Victor Vera & Mijail - Jungler (original mix)
03. Masuki, Dualton - Troubadour (Original Mix)
04. Monika Kruse Featuring Tim Price - Spank Me Later (Sierra Sam Remix)
05. Federico Molinari - Party Faktor (Robert Dietz Disco Desafinado Mix)
06. Darius Syrossian - Ten Thousand Bridges (Pier Bucci Apus Remix)
07. The Royal We Party - Guilt (Matthew Styles Club Mix)
08. Ben Klock Feat Elif Bicer - Goodly Sin (Robert Hood Remix)
09. Cocodrills - Never Stops (Anton Pieete Remix)
10. WWW - Relaxx (Uner and Coyu Remix)
11. Marco G & Amin Golestan - Dagobert (Spektre Remix)
12. Tom Middleton - Kalahari (San Wedding Mix)


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Hello, I hope this mix will get you all geared for this Halloween weekend. This is a new a series called Tech House Sessions, It will feature some of the best tech and techno acts around. We start of with Dominik Eulberg - Schnertuppen, fantastic tune with a nice oriental feel to it, we move on to Made For Radio, We Got from the Time for change EP which is definitely worth checking out, Kaiserdisco are back putting their distinctive style to Bukaddor and Fishbeck - Bonusmeilen. Also this week we have a new track from Mauro Picotto called Love Message so many good remixes of this tune, I decided to go with the Ramon Tapia First Message Mix. All time classic Say What by Xpress 2 has been re-dubed by Yousef lots of drum patterns with amazing build up and drop. My favourite track off the mix is Funkagenda, Kim Fai & Yam Yam - Gayfest (Funkagenda Remix)its 5 minutes of pure funky joy it will certainly have you bouncing around the floor. We finish off the set with a super combo Christian Smith and Reset Robot, Elixir Gary Beck Remix all of three artist cant do much wrong in my eyes.

This week I launched the Tinker Podcast Myspace page Myspace Tinker Podcast Its will have most the artist featured in this weeks mix in the friends section so check it out and Add Me to your friendship list. If you have any questions, requests, pointers, general feedback please get in touch.


01. Dominik Eulberg - Schnertuppen
02. Made For Radio - We Got
03. Bukaddor and Fishbeck - Bonusmeilen (Kaiserdisco Remix)
04. Tijuana - Groove Is In The Air (Tom Budden's Alive Remix)
05. Piemont - Dockyard (Tony Matt Remix)
06. Mauro Picotto - Love Message (Ramon Tapia First Message Mix)
07. Ethyl and Huxley - Mother Tongue
08. Ronan Portela - Beat Up
09. X-Press 2 - Say What (Yousef Circus Rework)
10. Martinez - Le Cirkus
11. Spencer Parker - My Heart (Daniel Sanchez Easy Noise Remix)
12. Funkagenda, Kim Fai & Yam Yam- Gayfest (Funkagenda Remix)
13. Christian Smith and Reset Robot - Elixir (Gary Beck Remix)
14. Butane - This is Your Brain on Music (Outro)


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Hello, This weeks set is a mix bag of old and new. Piemont kick off the set with bumping in the air, these guys are my favourite German duo at the moment, GOW features a lot in this mix two of the tracks are from the Jiffy Hornswoggle single from last year minimal, tech, quirky there just few words that describe his style. Mihalis Safras, There is a Place and Arnaud Le Texier and V-Sexion, Funk Some Thoughts, these two tracks just blow me away every time I play or hear them. Track of the week for me is Ronan Portela and Ariel Rodz - China pelona lots of energy, drums, nice bassline it ticks most of the boxes for me. The tempo goes up for the last 30 minutes with tracks from Funkagenda, Reset Robot, Marc Depulse. I finished off the set with a track from Thomas Schumacher called Sunset, I've been meaning to include this track into one of my podcasts for a few weeks now, its certainly one of my favourites.

01. Piemont - Bumping In The Air [Hi Freaks]
02. GOW - Ooshie Oogli [Trapez]
03. Mihalis Safras - There is a Place (Hugo mix) [Material Series]
04. Arnaud Le Texier and V-Sexion - Funk Some Thoughts [Safari Electronique]
05. Matthias Meyer - Tenor (Boris Werner Remix) [Budenzauber Recordings]
06. Ronan Portela & Ariel Rodz - China pelona [Monique Speciale]
07. Marco G and Amin Golestan - Dagobert [Audio Therapy]
08. Phono Jones - Jadas Groove [Robsoul Recordings]
09. GOW - Jiffy Hornswoggle [Trapez]
10. SQL - Distorted Reality [SK Supreme Records]
11. Veitengruber - Bon Melange (Afrilounge Remix) [8bit]
12. Luciano Esse and Toni d - Instabul (Format b Remix) [Material Series]
13. Jamie Jones - This is How [Crosstown Rebels]
14. GOW - Nipperkin Noodle [Trapez]
15. Luciano Esse & Toni D - Salsa [Material Series]
16. Funkagenda and Mark Knight - Good Times [Tool Room]
17. Reset Robot - Continue [8 Sided Dice]
18. Norman - Ich bin was ich bin (Andomat 3000 remix) [Snork Enterprises]
19. Marc Depulse - PS. You Rock (Spektre Remix) [BluFin]
20. Marco Bailey - Muzika (Davy Dee & Dany Rodriguez Mix) [MB Elektronics Belgium]
21. Thomas Schumacher - Sunset [Get Physical Music]

Thank you to everyone that has downloaded the podcast, I really appreciate it. If you have any feedback or suggestions please contact me via podomatic or myspace. If you get time check out the Tinker Podcast Myspace page http://www.myspace.com/tinkerpodcast you will find most of the artists featured in this weeks set in the friendship section.

Enjoy the mix and I will see you next week for another session.


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Hello, here is another shameless plug. I really enjoyed putting this set together I hope you guys like it.


Hello and Welcome to the Tinker Podcast, This weeks show features artists from Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Greece and the UK. The cover art was provided by the very beautiful model and talented photographer Maria Vilà. To see her portfolio and find out more about Maria please visit her myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/soulgaal

We start off with Juno6 Mamoo, this tune definitely sets the mood for the set, eerie distorted vocals, chanting, twisted beats which slowly builds into some amazing melodies. Frederico Locchi and Uglh feature three times in the mix the first track is called Caramella (Gorge Remix)which is the first release from the Italian label Caramella Records.

The Second track from Frederico Locchi and Uglh is Midnight in Madrid, this record has such a good groove its sexy, seductive and when you hear the organ its just bliss. Thodoris Triantafillou and CJ Jeff, Got To Be is next up, a stunning record which uses a sweet vocal sample. Alex Dolby, Santos, Babylon from Bedrock Records looping sample lots of energy which follows nicely into Anton Pieete, Paul Ritch, The Opera. Big Crashes, superb drop, incredible build up and that's just the first 60 seconds.

The Third record in the mix from Federico Locchi and Uglh is called Gulp which is full of funky goodness. We take it up a notch from here with two of my favourite Spanish DJ's Uner and Coyu, who partner up to bring you Mami Wata this is truly a funk monster. Staying on a Spanish vibe Uner, Jump! The Boat is Drowning! (Elia Remix) is a deep driving master piece.

From this point the set goes a little darker and deeper starting with Seth Troxler, Panic Stop Repeat. Over to you by Gary Beck this is the first release from his own label BEK Audio the rhythm and the melodies take you to another place. I finish off with Giuseppe Cennamo, El Gitano (Federico Grazzini Remix).


01. Juno6 - Mamoo (Original Mix) [Freude am Tanzen]
02. Federico Locchi and Uglh - Caramella (Gorge Remix)[Caramella Records]
03. Federico Locchi and Uglh - Midnight In Madrid (Original Mix) [Titbit]
04. Thodoris Triantafillou and CJ Jeff - Got To Be (Original Mix) [Souvenir Music]
05. Alex Dolby, Santos - Babylon (Original Mix) [Bedrock Records]
06. Anton Pieete, Paul Ritch - The Opera (Original Mix) [100% Pure]
07. Federico Locchi and Uglh - Gulp (Original Mix) [Great Stuff Recordings]
08. Uner and Coyu - Mami Wata (Original Mix) [Saved Records]
09. Uner - Jump! The Boat is Drowning! (Elia Remix) [Suruba Digital]
10. Seth Troxler - Panic Stop Repeat (Paco Osuna Remix) [Spectral sound]
11. Gary Beck - Over To You (Original Mix) [BEK Audio]
12. Giuseppe Cennamo - El Gitano (Federico Grazzini Remix) [Monique Speciale]


Next Friday (20/11/09) Tim Green has kindly agreed to do an exclusive Mix for the show. If your not familiar with Tim Green check out his myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/tg909 Tims production talents have been recognized, and gained plaudits from a huge and varied selection of some of the industries biggest players. The likes of Sven Vath, Pete Tong, Ritchie Hawtin, Carl Cox, John Digweed, Josh Wink, Deadmu5, Tiefschwarz, Steve Lawler, MANDY, Dubfire, Laurent Garnier, Slam, Claude Von Stroke, Nic Fanciulli, Lee Burridge and many more have consistently championed Tims music!

Thanks again for tuning into the Tinker podcast you can subscribe via ITUNES. Also you can check out most of the artists featured in this weeks show in my friends section on my myspace page http://www.myspace.com/tinkerpodcast If you have any suggestions or feedback please get in touch via itunes or this board.


Hello and Welcome to another episode of the Tinker Podcast. This week we have a very special and exclusive guest mix from Reset Robot, also in this weeks edition we are featuring vol 4 in our Tech House Sessions series.

Reset Robot aka (Dave Robertson)

Reset Robot is a relatively new name that will be increasingly familiar to fans of dubbed-out and moody tech house all over the world. Having released a series of well-received tracks on key labels including Excentric Muzik, 8 Sided Dice, Sound Of Acapulco and Noir already in 2009, Reset Robot recently made a debut on Dubfire’s Sci+Tec Digital Audio imprint to crown what has been an amazing start to his career. There is more to come too with a follow up EP on Sci+Tec, other releases as well to come on 100% Pure, Tronic, Sprout and Suara and finally the launch of Reset Robot’s own label, Roomba Music!

Promoters have not been slow in harnessing the feverish momentum that is currently powering Reset Robot ever upwards. Having showcased his sounds at some of the biggest clubs in UK including a specially crafted live set at Fabric and dates at Matter (London), Tripod (Dublin), Victoria Works Warehouse (Leeds) and Digital (Brighton), the second half of 2009 will see Reset Robot reach out beyond his native shores to stand shoulder to shoulder with the pinnacle of European club cool with shows at Berghain in Berlin and Exit Lithuania.

The Tinker Podcast is proud to showcase Reset Robots taste and DJ skills in this exclusive guest mix!

Mix Description

Tracks from Italy, Germany, Sweden, Slovenia, the Netherlands and more are interwoven to a tight mesh that will inevitably embrace your attention and direct it into the depths of the night!

Starting deep and somewhat soulful, but gently demanding attention with artists like Memphis, Nudisco and the infamous Mountain People, he soon tightens up the strings and lets his robotic side shine through with tectonic and pushing tracks/remixes by Oliver Moldan, Italy's own Marco Carola and fellow up-and-comer of 2009, Alan Fitzpatrick to guide you through your dark journey towards a new day.

You are left with the taste of an approaching dawn without fully experiencing it, accompanied by the sounds of genre defining Intacto records, Adam Beyers rarely- but impactful releasing Truesoul imprint and the Slovenian originator Valentino Kanzyani.

An eventful ride with a deep abyss always lurking underneath, "dancing into danger".

Don't we just love the risky things in life?



01. Memphis - Le Petit (Original Mix) / David Durango - Wonderland [Resopal]
02. Nudisco - Blue (Tigerskin Remix) [Takt]
03. The Mountain People - Mountain 0092 (Instrumental Mix) [Mountain People]
04. Lula Circus - Mucho Mojo (Original Mix) [Resopal]
05. Room 10 - Menu XL (Alejandro Vivanco Remix) [Metroline Limited]
06. Oliver Moldan - One Drunk Indian (Original Mix) [Prawler]
07. Hugo - Prismatic Visual (Original Mix) [CLaque Musique]
08. Hernan Rodriguez - Red Line (Rich Jones Remix) [PF]
09. Marco Carola - Plaster (Original Mix) [Minus 2M]
10. Jonno Brien - Be Alright (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix) [Full Tilt]
11. Anton Pieete - The Great City (Original Mix) [Intacto]
12. Nihad Tule & Nima Khak - Chess (Original Mix) [Truesoul]
13. Patch Park - Curb1 (Original Mix) [Variance]
14. Valentino Kanzyani - We Are All Vacume (Original Mix) [Footlovers Music]


Reset Robot links...

Mix description by Chris Kionke

64 Minutes

Tinker Tech House Sessions Vol 4

This is volume 4 of the Tinker Tech House Sessions, and its been devised to make you feel nice and bouncy! The set features tracks from this weeks guest DJ Reset Robot, also the late Fokko Versloot, future guest Federico Locchi and Man-D.A. Its the usual funky frolics of house, tech, techno and broken beats with a bit of quirkiness thrown in at the end for good measure.


01. Spektre and Matt Cooper - Kicking k (k tool) [Respekt]
02. Marco Esse - Amasulla (Fokko Versloot & Koen Lebens Remix) [Suara]
03. Man-D.A.- Oh My God (Siwell Remix) [Sphera Records]
04. Junkies, The - Quartro uno sei (UGLH & Federico Locchi Mix) [Noir Music]
05. Andrew Technique - walter(Tomy Declerque Remix) [Sound Of Acapulco]
06. Baggi Begovic & Rene Amesz - Paso (Mastiksoul Remix) [4Kenzo Recordings]
07. Tom Budden - The Tree Dance (Original Mix) [Alive Recordings]
08. Erphun - Pesadilla Hermosa (Pig and Dan Summershine Remix) [Audio Therapy]
09. Fergie, Reset Robot, Alan Fitzpatrick - Rattlesnake (Original Mix) [8 Sided Dice Recordings]
10. Size - Koebel (Nihad Tule Remix) [Truesoul]
11. Alan Fitzpatrick - Payser (Uto Karem Remix) [Sprout]
12. Fokko Versloot, Koen Lebens - Moves (Original Mix) [Outland Records]
13. Lula Circus - Little Closer (Original Mix) [Resopal Schallware]
14. Blind Minded - To The Bus (Original Mix) [Trapez]
15. Sean Miller - Yo Yo (Original Mix) [Viva Music]


I hope you enjoy this episode, we aim to bring to you the best in house and techno from around the world. The guest mixes are a new feature to the podcast and I'm curious to hear your opinions about them. Please do get in touch its always to hear from you guys. If you havent subscribed via Itunes please do and spread the word!! Tinker podcast more fun for your ears.

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Hello, welcome to another edition of the Tinker podcast, this week it’s just me and my latest Tinker Tech House Session Vol. 5. Over the past couple of weeks we have been lucky enough to feature mixes from Reset Robot and Tim Green, two artists that are destroying the international circuit with their live gigs and DJ sets. Both mixes are world class and definitely worth listening to.

This week I wanted to do a more upfront peak time mix, so expect to hear roaring techno, tribal drum patterns and hypnotic chants. The set starts off with Felix Da Housecat, Kick Drum entwined with Tommy Four Seven, Surma. If there is one man who knows how to make intro it’s definitely Tommy Four Seven, he certainly makes you stop and take note!

Moving on from the thunderous sounds of Tommy Four Seven to Reset Robot’s latest offering, Tu Cheekah and NW1 both tracks will be available from 14 Dec on his new label Roomba Music. The two tracks are dance floor serial killers, they will have you throwing all sorts of shapes.

We delve a little deeper now with a bit of tech house in the form of Groove Garcia and Edu Imbernon before going all dippy with Paco Osuna, Party in Chicago. At this point we take it up a notch with driving techno from Cari Lekebusch, Alan Fitzpatrick and Riva Starr.

The first time I heard the Riva Starr remix of Voices was on a Bugged Out CD back in March and my jaw dropped to the ground it was that good, several months later its finally out!! Up next are two very talented Producers from Germany who go under the name of Kaiserdisco, there new EP “Cocktail” truly does shake the boat, all four tracks are master pieces. I can proudly announce that Kaiserdisco will be featuring very soon on the podcast.

The final track is by Yakine, Funkda**** which has been given the Okain treatment, beautiful uplifting track. Perfect way to end the set!

Track listing

01. Felix da Housecat - Kickdrum [Nettwerk]
02. Tommy Four Seven - Surma (Chris Liebing Remix) [Electric Deluxe]
03. Reset Robot - Tu Cheekah [Roomba Music]
04. Reset Robot - NW1 [Roomba Music]
05. Groove Garcia & Edu Imbernon - Missing Berlin From Spain (Hermanez Remix) [Noir Music Denmark]
06. Paco Osuna - Party in Chicago [Plus 8 Canada]
07. Cari Lekebusch - Spindizzy [Mote Evolver]
08. Speedy J - klave [Rekids]
09. Alan Fitzpatrick - Trendy Wendy [Drumcode]
10. KC Flightt vs Funky Junction - Voices (Riva Starr Remix) [Hooj]
11. Marco Bailey and Tom Hades - Inner Soul [8 Sided Dice]
12. Kaiserdisco - Amalfino [My Best Friend Germany]
13. Kaiserdisco - Espandrillo (Okain Remix) [My Best Friend Germany]
14. Yakine - Funkda**** (Okain Remix) [Jetaime Records]


I know I mentioned this last week, the guest mixes are a new feature to the podcast and I'm curious to hear your opinions about them. Please do get in touch it’s always to hear from you guys.

If you haven’t subscribed via ITUNES please do and spread the word!! Tinker podcast more fun for your ears. The future is looking good for the Tinker podcast and it’s all down to you guys, Over December and January we have the following guests lined up Kaiserdisco, Anton Pieete, Uner, Federico Locchi, Tom Wax, Chris Kionke and a special club U 60311 show.

You can check out most of the artists featured in this week’s show in my friends section on my myspace page www.myspace.com/tinkerpodcast I hope you enjoyed this episode and I will see you next week with Federico Locchi.

Take Care


A midweek winter warmer...

01. Nice7 - Elisa (David Labeij Remix) [Noir Music]
02. Angela k - Ballad (Pirupa Pigi Dub) [Rebirth Music]
03. Joris Voorn - Chase The Mouse(Original Mix) [Rejected]
04. DJ Wild and Mr k - Not Now Im Dancing (Julien Chaptal and Kabale und Liebes Disturbed Mix) [Bloop Recordings]
05. Alex Niggemann - Deep Down (Original Mix) [8Bit]
06. Fergie - Eye Of Storm (Original Mix) [Excentric Muzik]
07. Christian Smith and Reset Robot - Air Miles (2000 and One and DJ Madskillz) [100% Pure]
08. Miniminds - Junk Dancer (Min Remix) [Mija Recordings]
09. Mescal kid - Do You Want It (Original Mix) [SCI+TEC Digital Audio]
10. Alan Fitzpatrick - Trendy Wendy (Original Mix) [Drumcode]
11. Ramon Tapia - Colorz (Super Flu Grune Schlupfer Remix) [Great Stuff Recordings]
12. Wouter De Moor - Afternoon Thing (Paco Osuna Remix) [Bla Bla LTD]
13. Man-D.A.- Oh My God (Siwell Remix) [Sphera]
14. Gramatik - U R The One (Original Mix) [Cold Busted]
15. Gramatik - Don't Get Weary (Original Mix) [Cold Busted]

Lots of tribal thumbing, deep & dubby, rolling tech house rhythms. It’s a roller coaster of percussion, white noise samples bolstered by a pumping kick.

The last 2 tracks are by Gramatik from his album entitled Street Bangerz Vol.1, which is still holding down the first 20 spots at beatport’s top 100 Chill Out chart since it got out in December, probably looking at a nomination end of the year for the beatport awards going on at this rate, the album is also currently holding down 6th place at the official German Chill Out chart. Amazing album full of the choicest cuts from hip hop, funk, disco, house, trip hop its all in there!


See you on Friday with an exclusive guest mix from Uner

Thanks for listening...

Tinks x