Tiesto Victoria Park ticket confusion


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has anyone had vip tickets for tiesto victoria park. i know a lot of people dont approve of vip on here so do me a favour and dont join the thread to slate me i just want a bit of help of someone whos had their tickets because there is nothing on the tickets that says what they are but ticketmaster told me that vip tickets have a picture of tiesto on and the others dont. is this true. :?:
I just made £180 on ebay selling 2 tickets to a mug in belgium for this8) I've got standard tickets, they are yellow with a hologram on the right hand side if that helps.
thanks nitefly. but did you mean the hologram is on the right hand side and yellow for standard tickets. im starting to regret going here. could of fckd of back to ibiza for a few days for less dough and not get ripped off.....:x