Tiesto - Nyana


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If you like trance (which i know a few of you do) get this cd!!

from the fairly tamed melodic chords of

Catcher - destiny sunrise
filterheadz - in your eyes
andain - beautiful things

to the more euphoric trance melodies of:

planisphere - totem
darren tate - let the light shine in
the roc project - never
gtr - mistral

to the more techno influenced trance of

m.mayer - love is stronger than pride
tom magen - chutney.

its a true reflection of todays trance scene!!!

lets face it some of tiesto's recent cds have been a bit of a let down. well this one has reinforced my faith in him.....

the future is definately bright for trance!!!

get this cd

:lol: :lol:
I was going to get it for Tom so I'll listen to what you say for once :p ..........but be warned if it's a crap I will be invoicing you for the £14.99 and how many cars will you have to clean to make that kind of money :p :D
peeps on the tiesto board have been ravin bout this for ages but i couldnt find a copy (legal anyway) anywhere.

It been released officially yet?