Tidy Weekender, any good?

fusion said:
This question is more or less meant for those who attended a Tidy Weekender before and/or heard stories from people who were there.

You can find info about the upcoming Tidy Weekender at the end of March 2004 right here:

Been wanting to attend it myself, so i'm waiting for your info/advices, cause those will be important factors when making my decision :)


Tidy Weekenders, in fact all things Tidy, are great if you're an 18 year old hard house kid with a dummy in your mouth :lol:

If that's your thing you will love it. There are loads of Weekenders springing up now and they all follow the same format, kicks off Friday ends Sunday evening. We went to the Southport Weekender in November and general weekender hints I learnt from that are:

1. Your accomodation will be basic but it does the job cos you'll hardly be there.
2. Take loads of warm clothes cos it will be cold (blimey I sound like your mum :eek: )
3. Most sites won't let you take your own alcohol in but you can try and sneak it in but if they find it they will confiscate it :rolleyes: but there'll be shop on site to sell alcohol.
4. Get there early afternoon on the Friday cos the later you get there the longer it will take for you to check in.
5. Book an extra night or a night in a hotel on the Sunday night cos you will be like :eek: :eek: :eek:
6. Make sure you book the Monday off work :p

Personally hard house ain't my cup of tea but I loved the whole Weekender buzz at Southport cos it's like you are in your own little community for the whole weekend :D
My mates went to the last TW they bought a VIP room and all the dj's were staying in the VIP as well so you get to "Rub Shoulders" Eddie halliwell knocked on there door looking for lisa lashes room which was above!! He absolutaly loved it, Saying theat he's not going to this one!!!
i dont really liek hard house but this one is apparently based on hard trance!!! dunno whether to go or not!!!

there's a strong possiblity it might completely ruin me
can i just ask.................

have u been following me round ibiza? lol cos u seem to ahve been there when i have!!! haha
For the Tidy weekender think you are allowed to bring drink with you. Summin like 36 cans or 3 bottles of spirits or summin. Are there any more weekenders coming up soon that might be worth going to?
Takes the piss tho! some f***er using my name! -obviously just to get all the best looking models through the door like!

ye right!