Ticket's ID at the Door


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I'm just wondering, how strict Space are with the Ticket ID at the Door for e-tickets?

Do you need the card booked on? Or just ID?

I've bought two for Carl Cox closing off someone who can no longer attend and Ticket arena said so long as they give me a letter and copy of her ID i will be fine.

Also - Do they just check the name on the Print out against the ID or does a name come up when they scan it and they check against that?

I'm a little worried about not getting in with these tickets now :-(

Apologies if this is in the wrong place.
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Hi, could do with clarification on this too please for Carl Cox next week. Do I really need to take my card + ID, or can I just take a copy/scan of them ?


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Personally, I wouldn't risk a copy

Problem is one of our group got pick pocketed in Space last year and it seems to be continuing. If i lose my ID that is annoying, but losing my bank card pretty much means I'm stuck for money half way through my trip!


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you can leave the bank card, but definitely bring some form of ID


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We got in a couple of weeks back with some tix purchased off friends .

There were four or five staff checking tix behind a desk at the front of the queue . Some were matching the tix against ID . Some weren't .

When we got to the front, we made sure we went to one of the guys who didn't seem to care about matching ID . Got in no problem.