Ticket Prices??



Anyone who is just back?? Can you help me by telling me what the ticket prices are for the clubs??Going in a week and half..just need to get the budget sorted before I go!! :) Thanks xx

we went to cream, subliminal, manumission, judgement sunday, we love sundays, and paid 33 - 35 euros.
they were around 40euro at the door, but if u bought pre paid tix, they generally were between 30-35euros. AND if u talk to ppl u might even find a hookup that can get u into clubs VIP for 20 euros ;) Have a burner man 8)

:D thanks for that!! I was getting a bit worried when the rumors were around the 60euro mark!! As for the VIP tickets..if only!! Anyone who has any good tips on getting them..so gratefully recieved as I am on a crappy budget!! :cry:
Just a little tip, do not buy your tickets from your holiday rep. They'll rip you off! We bought all our tickets from our JMC rep on the first day, she promised us the cheapest tickets on the island and said no-one would undercut their prices, lying cow!! We found tickets for about 3/4 euros cheaper than the ones we'd bought every night!
NEVER I mean NEVER buy ticket's at the door. Instead in Ibiza Town there are ticket brokers in the streets that will get you tickets for a better price. You can save over 10 Euro buying the tickets ahead of time. Also you can bargain with the ticket brokers and knock off a few bux. Most of the pre paid tickets will come with a free admission to space in the morning.

Also alot of bars sell tickets, ask around for the best prices.
Sid's absolutely right on. Buy 'em at the bars or in the streets next to the bars and work 'em for the best deal. ALWAYS cheaper than at the door. And We Love Sundays flyers can be found on Fridays and Saturdays at many places (on car windows, on the ground, next to phone booths) which offers 25 euro reduction before 10AM and 5 euros off the rest of the day.

NEVER buy them at the door. Always discounted tix to be had beforehand. And some buses (i.e. the Amnesia bus from Ibiza town that runs every 20 minutes from 12 to 3) require that you do in order to get free transport.

By the way, Sid, where did you go? Never saw you once while I was there, mate!