Thursday 4th Sept.


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Im at a loss as to what to do on the 4th of sept. its my b'day but there seems to be very little happening (that im interested in). can anyone recomend any good parties (other than cream & MOS).


Its my birthday on 5th sep and theres nothing decent on thur or fri i want to do.

Ministry lineup is crap, cream=no way and pure pacha on fri is the worlds most boring DJ Sasha if he even turns up!!!

Might just spend the night in the Blue Rose.
I'm having these problems too for Thurs and Friday.

Unfortunatly friday happens to be the last night of my holiday, and heading to pure pacha seems a bit extravagant when i'm not that keen on the line up.

Heard some good things about Space on friday (La Comunidad), I think it is a night mainly for the locals, and is supposed to be fairly rammed and have a different atmosphere than other nights due to fewer tourists.

Might be checking that out?
hi paul -you are probably from London


david rollo -london UK ...

I'm there those two days - anyone want to come to Pacha with me
to see Sasha?

Go AWWWWNNNNN - you know you want to really! ;)
Can't recommend anything buit Cream and Pure Pacha for those two days because that's where I'll be....

Can't miss PVD, Tiesto, Tong and Sasha...............
The rest of the week will be mostly house for me... so a little trance will be a good break in between....