Throb, London


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Went to Throb at the Telegraph on Brixton Hill, just near the prison (classy) last night.
Have heard great things so we were interested to find out what the fuss was all about. There was a tennis theme and more than half the peeps had made an effort, lotsa tennis skirts :D :D
The vibe there was fantastic, a completely moody-free zone. Pub priced drinks and a fiver to get in.
The only let down was the music. Aparently there was some kind of DJ back to back competition going on. I hate b2bs generally, the music is too disjointed and never gets a flow going. As it was a competion, the djs were showing off big time with their tricks.
Maybe Ibiza has spoiled me but i kept thinking as the fancy mixes were being badly put togethere 'man, darren emerson or roger sanchez would do that sooooo much better'.

Plenty of regulars there were saying that it was a one off and the music is usually farily straight up funky party house, which was just what i was looking for.

BTW, Mrs Rustywoo reckoned the atmosphere was similar to that at Garlands, which makes me excited for my trip to Ibiza.