There is something strange going on here..



log in and the first screen still has the blank login boxes
go to a section and your details pop up

and not every update in each section is showing up



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I had to log in 5 times this morning and locked myself out - I assumed it was because I was still logged on from the phone yesterday.

To be honest, I am finding that every website I have gone on for the past few days is like wading through treacle - but I did put that down to the high volumes of peeps loging on the www checking on Volcanic Ash disruptions..... :confused:

vodka jon

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keeps logging me out, may have something to do with working laptop off a wireless dongle thanks to orange messing up my bt broadband connection... no broadband for 1 1/2 weeks, thanks a lot!


From a technical point of view, appears to either be a problem with the cookies and/or the auto-refresh string at the top of the page.