The Weekend Thread (27-29 Nov)


What's everyone getting up to this week?

Friday - Recover from turkey hangover. Attend art exhibit opening. Happy hour at Krysha Mira. Birthday party for the club Jet Set. Then to club Solyanaka for The Timewriter.

Saturday - See a friend's band play at Double Bourbon bar, then James Zabiela @ Arma17

Sunday - Watch football, relax, hopefully get some work done around the house.
Off work today so mainly a lazy day apart from going to the dentist:cry:

Saturday - Up early and on the train to Manchester! We're visiting some friends we met in Ibiza a few years ago then going to WHP. Is Annie Mac's night but the mrs is creaming herself over the lineup so going along with that.

Sunday - chill at hotel till 12 then probs a roast somewhere - any suggestions for roast in manchester? think we are near piccadilly station.

Monday - Day off!
Morbyd is it Thanksgiving for you?! Or am I being completely thick....:oops:

I have nicely received a cold which is very annoying - I dont do ill!

So this weekend I hope to be taking it easy in bed, drinking lemsips and getting myself better in time for the work Xmas party next Friday - do not want to miss it!
This week I will mostly be doing Karate

Sand the floor (well, not really the floor, just all the woodwork)
Paint the fence (again, walls, but the technique must be the same)
Today: work leaving do at Sal Café, stunning restaurant-bar on the beach, then moving to Forum for my mates big big birthday party
Tomorrow: death and ressurection. Trying to catch Ferd and co at some point
Sunday: It's all about Barça-madrid :D
this weekend

is all about Barca - Madrid :twisted: hopefully a 27-0 scoreline, more likely a 2-1

+ may show my face at the carl craig / victor simonelli BBE LEGENDS doo at east village - but most probably on the de-rave this weekend.
Tonight, evening in at mates. Will get messy.

Tomorrow shopping.

Sunday lunch where I will be eating the following:

The 'amuse bouche' will change daily
Freshly baked bread and a glass of Prosecco on arrival
Cornish cock crab
With avocado mousseline and chick pea & melon salad
Seared breast of inglewhite woodpigeon
With braised castelluccio lentils, home made pancetta and port reduction
Pan fried fillet of baby halibut
With slow cooked pork belly, braised red cabbage and pumpkin puree
Jerusalem artichoke soup
With truffle oil
Roast pork ravioli
With deep fried sage and chilli oil
Trio of hand reared saddleback pork
With potato dauphinoise, quince puree and calvados sauce
Five cheeses from cremifico la bottera in piedmont
Served with camone tomato chutney
A daily changing 'pre dessert'
Steamed tarocco orange marmalade pudding
With drambuie custard