The Vaccines + Palma Violets @ Ibiza Rocks (19/06/13)


One of the best double bills this season at Ibiza Rocks with the return of The Vaccines and the debut of the new garage rock sensation Palma Violets.

We can't remember so much anticipation for a support act since ages ago. Some people we spoke with were mostly there to see the opening band and we even spotted fans wearing their t-shirts.

Not only Palma Violets came out ready to conquer the stage but also to slap us in the face with their raw power. Totally loved the double-vocal attack from Sam (guitar) and Chilli (bass), the mad drumming of Will and the keyboards of Pete, that give the songs that something extra. They played most of 180, their first and only album so far. It would be unfair to mention one song over another as all were equally good but the more relaxed "Last Of The Summer Wine" deserves a mention for its unusual beginning: Chilli asked everybody to put their hands up in the air and start wiggling their fingers. At the end of the last number, and with dance music in the background as an outro, two members came down off the stage and joined the crowd for a little boogie...

We were really looking fordward to this one and they surpassed our best expectations. Awesome on album and awesome live... shame the band didn't cover the classic "California Sun" (made famous by The Ramones) they did for one of the singles, that would've been the topping of the cake!

The Vaccines debuted at Ibiza Rocks in 2011 presenting their first album What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?. Two years later they were back with the (relatively) new Come Of Age under their belt, which reached number one in the UK.

The first thing to comment is that not only the list of hits has grown since the last time we saw them but also that nowadays they're much better: the constant touring turned them into a killer live band, that has in Justin Hayward-Young a tremendous frontman, and now even the more quiet songs have an added energy to them. They started full steam ahead with "Blow It Up" and by then you could say they already had the audience in their pocket. We heard the best stuff from their two albums (admittedly, they played more from the first release than from the recent one), the b-side "Tiger Blood" and the new tune "Melody Calling", with Justin playing an acoustic guitar. As expected, the crowd went mental during the more straight-to-the-point and immediate songs like "Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra)", "If You Wanna " or "Nørgaard"...

One of those shows in which you can't concentrate on taking any more pictures because all you want to do is to sing-a-long and headbang!

A truly fantastic night with both London bands and we already got a candidate for favourite gig of the season: Palma Violets.

More photos, setlists, etc to come...

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Palma Violets setlist:

1 Johnny Bagga' Donuts
2 Rattlesnake Highway
3 All the Garden Birds
4 Tom the Drum
5 Chicken Dippers
6 Best of Friends
7 Step Up for the Cool Cats
8 Last of the Summer Wine
9 We Found Love
10 14