The People's Republic of

interesting, on the site it says 'the last mixmag reporter hanging from the headphone leads of the last superstar dj'. I read about this club a few months ago in.... you've guessed it, Mixmag!! Wasn't a bad write up but obviously didn't placate the revolutionaries! Power to the People!
Muel said:
How come no-one posts on this site any more?!
I guess in the spring when people start looking for ideas for Ibiza, the forums will become very busy.

I am looking forward to reading the reviews throughout the summer, as we won't be going til September, bring it on......
yeah the reviews have been a great success this season, and they were such an interesting read....
I heard the numbers of visiters in the UK super clubs are going down is that true. Maybe that's the first signal the clubscene is in recession.