The Orange Juice Man of Ibiza


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Someone asked the story of the Orange Juice Man of Ibiza.

I have been going to Ibiza for many years and speaking to a few locals and hippies, the same story has popped up every now and again.

A guy in 1988, a high flyer from the City of London, went to Ibiza with a crowd of mates when it was just taking off. The drug of choice at that time was Acid and this guy managed to get a sheet of 100 at a dirt cheap price to take on holiday. The guy seloptaped in to his stomach and then pulled his T shirt and sweatshirt over the top for the flight.

Anyway, they all got to the airport and drifted outside to get the bus to San Antonio. They got split up and two of the guys, including the one with the Acid, got stopped at customs. The other guys tried to get the bus to wait, but after 10 mins had to go. They assumed they had got on the wrong bus or got a Taxi and they would see them at the apartment.

The two guys at customs were held back for about 45 minutes as a family had also been stopped just in front of them. By this time the guy was really starting to sweat, what with the heat and paranoia! Anyway, they got through ok, but by this time the acid had started to melt into the guys skin. Another 2 hours after, they arrived by Taxi at the Apartment where the other guys were. The guy stripped off and there was a sodding bit of paper stuck to his stomach. He ripped it off and left it to dry, but was starting to feel the effects of taking a 100 hits in one!

An hour later the guy was away with it, his mates left him in his bed as they thought he would sleep it off. They came back and guy was in a terrible state, thinking he was a glass of orange juice and sitting upright as he thought he would spill! They calmed him down and gave him some vodka to try and make him chill more. He went quiet and they went to their rooms. Two hours later they heard screaming and went through to where they had left the guy and he was bleeding badly from the arm. He had tried to peel himself.

Anyway, things got worse and the guy managed to get out when he had said he was going to the toilet. He was not seen again for 9 days, where the guys bumped in to him, filthy and unshaven, sitting with a bunch of hippies at Cafe Del Mar. They tried to talk to him but he stared blankly. They tried for 4 hours to talk sense into him as they were leaving the next day, but he eventually got up and left with the hippies.

There have been mixed reports ever since of this guy still living with some hippies to the North of the island. His well paid job obviously now a distant memory.

I was always in two minds about this 'myth', but bumped into this guy on Formentera three years ago. A well spoken hippie, who still to this day gets flashbacks every now and again and he sits upright scared he is going to spill. But he seen a different sort of life all these years ago, albiet it through chemical eyes, and he just stayed. He admitted he knows nothing about the first 12 months, it took him that long to really get his shit together again!

Anyway, when in Ibiza, ask about the Orange Juice Man of Ibiza.
i've heard that before, but in a different form, which leads me to believe that it's just another urban legend adapted to fit ibiza...the version i heard was a college story about "some freshman kid" but all the rest of the details (too much acid, thought he was a pitcher of orange juice, thought everyone wanted to tip him over/drink him, etc) were the same...
Acid would not absorb into your chest/stomach very well a nurse friend told me. Not like putting tabs on your eyelids!