The Jockey Club/Particular at cala jondal.....


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i read you can goto the jockey club/particular between
midnight after the terrace closes at space till DC10 opens
on monday morning? is this true ...if so, what kind of vibe can
we expect in these early hours of the morning .....

eg... can we chill on the beach at these hours???
allow me vienna.
tropical chiringuito is at the porroig end of cala jondal. that´s the other end from the jockey club.

DJ Biff
its a quiet place, dont expect there clubbers or something,...they have open all day,...and a special brazilian night at sunday,...correct me biff ;)
but its a nice beach, for me the nicest of the island,...quiet and a little "stylish"....
so chilled atmosphere then? ......
sounds like a place me and the good lady should check out as we
require alternative Ibiza this year as san antonio is starting to
rip the shirt off my back ........ but i have ibiza virgins coming on
holiday with me this year so i had to let them see the lot for themselves ..........

thanx for the info Vienna/DJB
yes a chilled athmosphere,...and no! beer boys ,... ;) so pay your respect to that area, and you will have the nicest days in your holliday!!!