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Ibiza summer season 2008 review

Alright then, here we go with another review of another season in the sun, on my favourite island in the mediterrenean sea…and probably in the world. make sure you sit comfy (and maybe have a glass of hierbas?), it’s gonna take a while. It is again a very personal review and even though it is a very long one with many things you’ve heard or read before, I’m sure there’s still some useful info for your next trip to ibiza…

My 2008 season was very similar to the one before in some points and totally different to summer 2007 in other parts. I knew it would be like that – first off, the only constant thing is change, and second, many friends who had been working out there much longer than I, had already told me about it by the end of last seasonl.

But just read on now, let’s take a trip through my summer 2008 in ibiza…let’s begin with a short overview of the months…

May…we love…rain?

I arrived in Ibiza on the 4th of May this year. Exactly one week later than in 2007, but it seemed early enough to me. I expected a very swift and easy start as I had already made some calls during the previous months and everything looked fine, but when I arrived, the first thing I did was learning a lesson: no matter if you did a good job last year: you cannot expect everything’s safe until you’re here. I had thought my job was confirmed and only got told when I arrived that my position didn’t exist anymore…So, during the first two weeks, I was busy with installing myself on the island again, searching (and luckily) finding a new job. Luckily, I didn’t have to bother about getting the N.I.E. number again and also the house issue was solved within about 12hrs after my arrival – great!

The weather, all through may, was generally quite ****. The winter had been much too warm and dry in Ibiza unfortunately, but now we got some bad weather including many really gray and wet days. May 2007 was much more solid weather-wise. But still, when I lied on the beach for the first time this season (Salinas, at Sa Trinxa, the beach still beautiful and far from really busy), slowly but steadily, the Ibiza-Groove came back. And also, every day during May, known faces from last summer arrived for another season (together with many new ones, of course). Welcome back everyone, it’s been a long winter without you! And then, also from mid-May onwards, clubbing slowly started. In fact, I love these early season parties, they’re quiet in a way, but you meet all the people again and you just have to look them in the eyes to see everyone’s SO ready to go for another summer… :twisted:

May highlights

The medieval festival in ibiza town. Always really nice and something different just before the summer madness starts!
Seeing my fave bits of the island again when I had a car again from mid-may onwards.


The medieval festival…marks the start of the season

June…we love the start of the season!

Just a few days before june started, also my new job was kicking off. I was really eager to go for it. At first, I had been disappointed with not having the job I had last year, but by now, my grieving was over and I was sure it would be just as good as last summer, if not better!

As usual, only a day or two before Space Opening, suddenly the island was flooded by clubbers. Everyone went big at space and dc10 opening and after that, all the clubbers left again. Ibiza got really quiet again after the first opening-weekend. I know this isn’t something exceptional, but in my opinion, it just took much longer this year, until things really picked up this season. Even famous opening parties like Cream, Cocoon and We Love were definitely less busy than last year. But let’s talk about the numbers and my opinion about why it was a bit later...

The beginning of June was still so-so weatherwise (with some hard rain again on a few days), but then, from mid June onwards, the sun came out. And stayed. At that point, we had no idea we wouldn’t see any real raindrops until mid September!!! So finally we could hit the beaches when we had a day off and gain some colour. Nice! 8)

Obviously, with the clubs being back open and the parties having their openings, I was out a lot at night…just getting in form and in the mood for the season :D !!!

June Highlights
The Openings: Space and dc10, Amnesia opening (till noon). Then We Love, Cocoon and Armada openings. Also matinée opening was fun (but read on for that). Casita verde. The final of the footie European championships and the fiesta afterwards when Spain won!!!


We love beachparties (if they happen)

July…we love the summer!

Summer in Ibiza!!! It got hot. Really hot already. but we loved it. The weather was perfect through all july. Work was good. The parties as well. It definitely felt a bit less busy though overall. But the VIBE was great in july. The last big nights opening (tiesto, cox) and the first absolutely rammed nights (cocoon).

July Highlights
Some great dinners with friends. Some great parties (the cocoon night with extrawelt and the one with Ricardo & luciano plus more great nights). An absolutely fun month overall. July, in my opinion, is still the most complete month for a holiday in ibiza.


Upside down sunsets rock!

August…do we really love august? ;)

It’s August again. It was hot, it was full everywhere (at least until about the 20th, later it already felt a tad quieter again) including some of the nights being sold-out (supermartxe, cocoon). I was working A LOT in August (say between about 60-70 hrs a week), but that was ok. August is like that if you work there. And you know it’s only for one month. You know I am not a fan of August in Ibiza generally, but this year there’s one positive note I have for August: the weather was brilliant! No August storms, no rain, almost no clouds – paradise!

August Highlights
Like last year, armin’s 8hr solo at armada. And Dc10 re-opening on August 15.


We’re open again! (but just for a few weeks…)

September (and start of October)..we love the closings!

The worker’s month. The party month. The month when the most spotlighters hit the island. Can it be a bad month? No way.

September really was a great month again! Everyone worked less, partied more, enjoyed the last bit of the season. The weather was still great until about the 23rd and then it was quite bad for about a week, before the sun came back. But hey – everyone was partying anyway! I’ll say it again – if you only want to come to party (and don’t care about the weather) then come in late September / beginning of October, it’s the best month regarding the parties. the vibe is absolutely unique during the closings.

September / October Highlights
Dc10 on the 8th and especially on the 22nd. both these dates are amongst the best parties I’ve ever had. Armada closing. Having nice lunches and dinners with good friends. The spotlight reunion on the sunset terrace at we love closing. Cocoon closing. The closing period generally! Amnesia closing as a last big big bang – best party of the summer again!


I said stand back, we’re dancing…:D

On September 30, almost straight after cocoon closing, I had to leave ibiza because of work reasons in Switzerland. But then, on October 4, I was back for one last weekend and it was the best weekend of the season – read the complete rewiev here:

Until here, the review is a bit shorter and maybe not as emotional as last year’s. but I still have a lot to say...
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The Music, the Parties, the DJ’s, the Sets…we love the groove!

Hmmm where shall I start? Can I just say that I thought the music this year was reallyreallyreally good overall? There was a big diversity, from very underground tracks up to very cheesy upfront funky house stuff and I liked it all. The underground stuff is still really good, a bit less minimal once again IMO, more techy or then quite deep again and a bit proggy (prog is back anyway I think). And also, I had the feeling DJ’s could play funky house tracks again without the risk to not be cool anymore. Generally, I thought it’s all a bit housier again and less electro-y. agree? Not forget to mention trance is still having its place on the island and in my heart as well. Cream is an institution, judgement Sundays as well (although I missed JS completely this year), the new tiesto night at privilege was definitely a success and armin’s armada is just the best trance music night on the island for me – no contender.

Speaking about parties generally, remember my mid-season report? à
Finally, Here’s my 2008 season review about the parties and the clubs…

Monday: Cocoon – the monster. Almost always packed. Sold-out 4 or 5 times. The hype is still getting bigger and beyond reason. But really, sven and his crew DID rock it the whole season. I thought they had passed their best years in 2005 and 2006 but I was proven wrong, cocoon set the standards even higher this year, the music was great, the crowd (mostly) was amazing – you just have to cope with the fact it’s packed.

Tuesday: Armada/contact – quality music. Armada in the main room was always perfectly busy and delivered great music. Pure trance. Contact on the terrace was really good tech-house stuff. The terrace wasn’t too busy overall unfortunately, but I’m sure next year will see a bigger contact!

Wednesday: Made in Italy (terrace) – Foam Party (main room). The foam party is a success story and is packed almost all season. Made in italy has seen better seasons though!

Thursday: Cream – still one of the most famous parties in Ibiza and still going strong!

Friday: Manumission – sorry guys, try to get in peace with privilege and move back there. But this probably won’t happen because of supermartxé. Really, not a fan of Manu at Amnesia.

Saturday: People from Ibiza – my secret hint. Free entry if you arrive early, great music, great people – just a great party! Always busy! where’s my saxophone by the way?

Sunday: Foam Party (main room) – Juicy (terrace): see Wednesday for the foam party. Also juicy was always nicely busy!

Monday: Tiësto – a success! Not always packed, but always really busy (and unbelievably hot). He’s back and surely will be back next year!

Tuesday: Closed – a break after a hard Monday night.

Wednesday: Meganite – Mauro Picotto and his crew had an OK season. Not as good as last year, but I think they will be back next year anyway.

Thursday: Monza – always great music. But as with meganite, also monza had a better season overall last year.

Friday: SupermartXé – the surprise of the season (and direct competition to manumission)! They did the right thing – everyone went in free until about mid july, they created a real hype with their shows etc. and then began to charge entry. That’s the way to do it. Far too packed on many occasions, but basically a really fun night!

Saturday: La comunidad and Soldiers afterwards – la comunidad died in privilege. And also the soldiers were fighting against too many enemies. Not a successful Saturday night for privilege.

Sunday: Extravaganza – not really busy neither.

Monday: Release Yourself – was definitely suffering a bit of the “San Rafael effect” (Tiesto + Cocoon = less busy in Pacha). But still a good house music night!

Tuesday: Defected – the least successful night in Pacha. but apparently still busy enough!

Wednesday: Subliminal Sessions – Erick Morillo still pulled the crowds…but is rumoured to move away from Pacha now!

Thursday: F*** Me I’m Famous – F*** me, it’s just too busy!!!!! ridiculous! But everyone went…

Friday: Pure Pacha – always perfectly busy and music-wise even better than the year before IMO!

Saturday: DefMix – no changes…always busy, but IMO mostly a bit unspectacular…

Sunday: Fetish (Pacha Classics) and Flower Power – Fetish always was nicely busy. the guys doing Fetish are great people by the way. Flower Power is a night not to miss (and always packed). You’ll never get a better atmosphere in pacha than at FP!

Monday: Mondays Calling – almost empty apart from August…

Tuesday: Carl Cox – always a winner! The busiest night in Space this year overall! Great guests!

Wednesday: La Troya – also very busy. but also rumoured to move away from Space after the troya-family had another fight again…

Thursday: Danny Tenaglia – took a long time until it got busy. always liked Wally Lopez more than Danny.

Friday: GOA – good music, lack of people and atmosphere though unfortunately!

Saturday: Matinée – I’m still grieving. Matinée used to be SO much fun when it was daytime. It still works nighttime, after they had a slow start the night worked well and was always really busy. But I can’t help it – matinée is not the same nighttime. The music is just as good, but the vibe is completely different…I’m sad about it!

Sunday: We Love…- Ups and Downs this year for we love. Some absolutely great nights (august 24 for example with Miss Kittin, Laurent Garnier and James Zabiela), but then again, also some VERY average Sundays which were not busy at all!!!

El Divino
Monday: Mn2s – was busy when the lineup was really good, else it was so-so.

Tuesday: Salvacion – nicely busy normally and really busy in august when the Italians came!

Wednesday: Yxaiio – not successful at all.

Thursday: Kinki Malinki Vs. Kidology – so-so from what I’ve heard.

Friday: Miss Moneypennies – also so-so generally.

Saturday: Hed Kandi – the only really constant money-maker for El Div!

Sunday: Louie Vega – good music, great secret guests (Morillo, Sanchez just to name a few). Was it busy? sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Monday: Koolwaters – not too bad from what I’ve heard.

Tuesday: Advanced Vs. Tidy – had clubland as competition, but was still busy-ish mostly.

Wednesday: Garlands – always a fun night and nicely busy generally.

Thursday: Twice As Nice – haven’t been – simply don’t know!

Friday: Wonderland – Pete Tong pulled the crowds! A good (first) year for Tong at Eden – a story that most surely will continue…rumoured to change day though (move to Wednesday?)

Saturday: Mondo Loco – not really busy.

Sunday. Judgement Sundays – maybe not as packed as in earlier years, but mostly still really busy. a constant night!

Es Paradis
Monday: Pukka Up – seemed to be ok. Not packed though.

Tuesday: Clubland – I couldn’t believe a night like that can be successful. But it was – shock horror.

Wednesday: Rizla / Rogue DJ’s – no idea how this one went!

Thursday: Water Party – always a winner.

Friday: DJ Sammy – I really don’t know!

Saturday: Water Party – again.

Sunday: The Sound of Bassline Vs. Garage Classics – I maybe should go to es paradis a bit more because I don’t know anything about this night neither…

Clubs conclusion (personal opinions obviously)

Pacha probably was the most constant club regarding numbers. Their marketing strategy (and their merchandising) works a treat. Not all nights were packed, but normally, it was always very busy inside pacha.

El Divino had a difficult year. Apart from Hed Kandi, all the parties were a bit up and down. Sometimes you heard good things about Louie Vega’s night, then Mn2s seemed to work alright if the line-up was decent…but I’m sure the divino boss wasn’t too happy with the overall result. Anyway, as we know, el divino’s days as a club are counted…

Eden got Tong and with that, a new successful night. Else, I think it was about the same as always…

Es Paradis had a (surprising) success with Clubland (urgh!). for the rest? don’t know – I guess about the same as the previous year.

Privilege had two perfect running nights (tiesto and supermartXé) plus monza, which was still really good. Meganite lost a bit and the rest…nothing to write about.

Amnesia had a really good year. The only party that didn’t work top notch on a constant level was Wednesday with Made in Italy and the Terrace on Tuesdays (ok, but it was Contact’s first year). Plus, I expected manumission to be busier overall. I expect amnesia to win “world’s best club” again this year, for the 3rd year in a row.

Space surely was the club with the most significant changes this year. No more daytime parties. but still, they had their really good working parties (cox, matinée, la troya, we love). What I say now is something very personal and I know I’m probably not making friends now: space for me has lost a lot. It’s not their fault though – space for me was about daytime clubbing. The sunset terrace and also the main terrace with the sun shining through was something really special and quite unique. Because at nighttime, I don’t rate space too much (and I never did). Sure, the sound system in the discoteca (and also on the main terrace) is wicked, the lights in the discoteca as well, but I always felt a lack of warmth at space nighttime. The design is just a bit too minimalistic for me. At daytime, you don’t care, because it’s not dark anyway, but at nighttime I always noticed I don’t like it that much. Still, I had a few great nights there and the sunset terrace on a Sunday evening from 8pm until midnight is still the place to be.

Dc10...what shall I say? Everyone knew they probably gonna get closed down again. I even understand the government why they want to shut “decediez” forever. But I can’t help it – I love this place. They had a very difficult year obviously. Open for 3 (or were it 4?) parties in June, then closed for two months and then open again for 6 or 7 weeks before they got shut again. Also, it was a big difference with the new opening times. I used to love to dance on the terrace from 3pm onwards. But this year, things never really got going before 7pm. let’s see what the future brings, but I made the most out of it this year and had some fantastic sessions at dc10…ballooooons, who wants balllooooooooons??? :D:D:D
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Favourite Parties, DJ-Sets, Tracks 2008

These were my favourite DJ sets of the summer…

Matthias Tanzmann at dc10 opening, June 2
Ben watt at we love opening, June 15
Luciano and Ricardo b2b at cocoon, July 7
Aril Brikha at Goa, August 8
Armin van buuren solo at armada, August 11
Jose De Divina at DC10 re-opening party, August 15
Ar pi ar (raresh, pedro, rhadoo) at cocoon, September 8
Luciano and Ricardo b2b at dc10, September 22
Alfredo at we love closing (not speaking about his mixing though), September 28
Booka shade at amnesia closing, October 4
Sven väth at amnesia closing, October 4

And my favourite dozen of parties this year were…

DC10 Opening, June 2
Amnesia opening, June 7
We Love opening, June 15
Cocoon, July 7
Cocoon, July 28
Armada, August 12
Dc10 re-opening, August 15
Dc10, September 8
Armada closing, September 16
Dc10, September 22
Cocoon closing, September 29
Amnesia closing, October 4

and here’s an incomplete selection of my favourite tunes of this summer…some of them really cheesy and commercial, other ones quite underground…I love them all because they were part of ibiza 2008…

breakfast stuff:
Anne brun – headphone silence…lovely ibiza global radio breakfast tune!
Jay shepheard – pipes ‘n’ sneakers (manuel tur &dplay rmx) – more breakfast music
Chic miniature – escandalo…more daytime IGR stuff!
Justin martin – the sad piano (charles Webster remix) – another of the same category

Party music…
Housey stuff:
New remixes of snap – rhythm is a dancer and corona – rhythm of the night…both were hits when I was a really young chap, so whenever these new remixes were played this summer, I was overwhelmed by nostalgia…
Pryda – pjanoo…just a big big big happy tune…
Mark knight & funkagenda – the man with the red face. Where’s my inflatable saxophone by the way?
Fragma – toca me / toca’s miracle (inpetto remixes) – cheesy or not, I loved it. Got some of the biggest moments of this summer with this one.
Sharam - Texi
Shapeshifters – Chime (Martijn Ten Velden Remix)

undergroundey stuff:
Sis – trumpetta – cocoon terrace tune!
Sis – standing – even bigger!!!
Ilario Alicante – vacaciones en chile – hypnotic stuff!
Johnny d – orbitalife. That guy rocked 2008, but this was his best tune IMO!
A lot of stuff from “stimming”
Alex Picone – furby / floppy – luciano dc10 terrace stuff!
Sebbo – watamu beach
Robert babicz – dark flower (joris voorn magnolia mix)
Chymera – hundulu (soul designer remix)
Chymera – arabesque – 2007, I know. Still great.
Gui buratto – beautiful life – the ride back home after cocoon (I know, 2007 again)
Wink – stay out all night
x-press 2 – muzik express (skylark rmx)
radio slave – grindhouse (dubfire terror planet remix)
booka shade – charlotte (dubfire remix again)
gregor tresher – break new soil

trancey tunes:
sied van riel – rush
nic Chagall – what u need (marco v remix)
carl b – just a thought
cary brothers – ride
airbase – denial
rui da silva – touch me (2008 remix)
rex mundi – sunrise in ibiza
avb – in & out of love

and classic of the year:
the age of love – the age of love (watch out for stella club mix) :D8):D8)


The zoo project – love it!
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The People…we live the groove!

One thing that fortunately didn’t change at all this year is the fact that the people coming to ibiza are really cool people overall. Big-hearted people, fun-loving people, tolerant and liberal people (there are always exceptions, of course). The people I met here (since I touched ibiza for the first time in 2004) are one of the main reasons (if not the main reason) I keep on coming back again and again. The island is beautiful, sure. Clubbing’s still great, sure. The restaurants and bars are cool, sure. But all that is worth nothing without people – or more specific – the right people for you. I always meet great people in ibiza and I think that’s the main reason why I feel so comfy in ibiza….

Spotlighters met 2008

With some of you, it was just a quick hi, with others it was dancing all night – regardless, nice to meet you! 8)

McRackin, La_Salinas, DJSIST, Charly nickolai, Mandana, Grego, LJ Redflash, Bluenatascha, Kiffajoe, Minimalist, Barbie (+Tom), Brucy, Dan_In_Ibiza, Defex, Cyre, Moha, Funtom, Feierküken, Gata, Yrep, Bona75, Dakopfnicka, Babsi, Cherrytree, Tanni1976, TheTwo / Zolti, Martinka, DerSushi, Ani, Recardo, Dicey, Dancemaster, James, Stephen, Katrin0306, Fusion, Perleman, Insania, Bethel, Marsellus Wallace, Judith, Hühnerdiebin, mc007, Licagi, Metropolis, UNIT-er, oOoRamonaoOo, Alive, Dan X, Morbyd, Utagaura, Ferd (& Tamsyn), Mark Sun, I-Spy, weloveliam@space, missflorida, danish dynamite, subliminal, wimpers (& gf!), Montana, cookie, robo.

…I hope I didn’t forget anyone! That’s around 60 forumers I met (or met again) this year – really, great to meet you guys and hopefully see you around again :!:

The Island…a different groove!?

Still a beautiful place
Ibiza is always changing. So I was told already a few years ago when I came here for the first time. and it’s true. Only that, the change ibiza is going through right now, seems to be a quite big one.

Speaking of the island itself, not a lot changed this year. The motorway’s here now, everyone is getting used to it and we can’t change it anymore anyway. They even finished the last part to the airport and started making look things a bit prettier with planting flowers and trees at the roundabouts etc. So – Ibiza as an island is still a very beautiful place with lots of terrific beaches, nice places, great sunset spots, a huge amount of cool restaurants (reasonably priced and expensive ones) etc…also, the summer was absolutely terrific weather-wise and there were much less jellyfish compared to last year. Remember the bomb alarm at the airport and the sunken boat in front of playa d’en bossa (resulting in some beaches being oil-covered for a few weeks in high season) last year? None such things this year. That’s something we really should keep in mind. So far – all really really good.

Grieving about missing daytime parties.
But ok, now let’s finally talk about the things that were less good this year. Because, in fact there were a few things and yes, it’s worth writing about IMO. As you’re surely guessing already, it’s about partying. Well, if you used to be a daytime party fan, then Ibiza definitely has lost an USP this year – that’s a fact. (USP = unique selling point for those not into marketing). No-one can deny that dancing at space at 10am and at early afternoon at dc10 was something really special. I know, there are afterhours almost everywhere in the (western) world and in many cities, by now, you can party on full-on from Friday night till Monday morning. But in my books, daytime parties in ibiza were unique. It was sunny and hot, absolutely stunning people everywhere (compared to afterhours here where you find…erm…not many stunning people mostly), a great vibe and cracking music. But as we know – that’s no more. And it’s a pity. I definitely can live without these parties, but I used to love to have that option and to give it a go whenever I felt like it. The afterhours held in the bars in ibiza town this summer were no comparison to space or dc10 daytime and almost each and every private afterparty got shut by the police after a few hours.

I do have some understanding for the government. I can see why they want to make Ibiza an a bit quieter place. The thing is, though: ibiza until now hasn’t got enough infrastructure for the “other” clients apart from the clubbers. Saying that, I do not mean it’s only clubbers going to ibiza (it’s only 25% of the whole clientele anyway), but what I want to say is merely the following: if a lot of clubbers will stop coming, ibiza then in my books hasn’t got enough to offer (or the best cards) to fill that hole. Families? - too expensive, not enough family-suited places in my opinion. Or shall I just say that many other destinations offer something similar for a much more economic price? Sporty tourists? - not enough infrastructure (mallorca for example is famous for biking-holidays and has more than one golf court…but no-no, we don’t want more golf courts in ibiza!) Winter tourism? - still very much a baby in ibiza. And above all: many people will still stay away completely from ibiza (as they always did) because of it’s reputation as a party island. Ibiza doesn’t lose this reputation in one year. I know how many of you (including me, by the way) still have to clarify that ibiza is MUCH MUCH MUCH more than only clubbing when speaking to friends who’ve never been before. Agree? People who always came to ibiza for non-clubbing holidays will keep coming obviously because they know the secrets. I just doubt that, even with the changes, they’re gonna get more of the non-clubbing sector of tourists coming to ibiza without lowering the prices. Look at the economic situation at the moment anyway. Ibiza is generally quite expensive for tourists (of course there are exceptions, and, again, compared to other destinations) and not everyone is willing to pay these prices.

But let’s return to the new party laws - I just think the 6am-4:30pm rule is too strict. 6am till 12noon would have done the trick (a real break) and would still have given the possibilities to have real daytime parties. but we’ve talked about this a lot during the last months…in fact, it’s already more than a year ago when we started discussing this stuff on the forums. On the other hand, the 6am closing rule, in my opinion, didn’t do much harm. As you all know, there were hardly any nights that stopped at 6am on the dot. With the extension of the law (saying that the big clubs have one hour to empty their premises), the clubs normally did shut between 6:30 and 7:00am. So, during the season, people lost maybe half an hour or max. one hour of partying compared to earlier years. During the opening and closing parties, clubs shut later and these periods weren’t really affected. I generally think this rule did much less harm than the daytime party ban. Returning to the daytime party ban discussion, before the season began, I had expected people to stand in front of space in big queues at 4:30pm, all ready to rock. I was proven wrong. no party at space really kicked off before 7pm, sometimes even later. Also, dc10 suffered the same. I expected there would still be some daytime partying magic left but no…the only exceptions were the zoo project at gala night (but then again it was almost dark when it kicked off properly), dc10 (but only if you were really early) and bora bora (but then again I never was the biggest fan of BB and, although I have friends who worked there, I am sorry, but if I am really honest I thought it got worse every year I was there now). I know all this sounds really negative but it’s how I felt about the daytime parties (and speaking about only the daytime parties).

Conclusion: I doubt the new tourism strategy will be really successful, but let’s see how things evelope on a long-term scheme. I still do grieve a bit about the daytime parties. as I’ve written above, I absolutely can live without them, but still, I am missing them. The nighttime parties this year were as good as ever (and maybe even better because it were the only parties to choose from and everyone was fresh), but ibiza afterhours will always remain in my memory…a sweet, sunny, sweaty and messy memory I’d like to have back in my life every now and then.

Analyzing the season.
Hmm. As we’ve seen in morbyd’s thread à , the overall numbers for this season weren’t as bad as expected. But still, I believe everyone who’s living / working on the island will agree it was one of the quietest seasons in the last decade. The port in Ibiza (with all the bars) suffered a lot and was never really busy apart of August. Both Playa d’en Bossa and San Antonio were quieter than the year before overall. And also, you saw the same picture in the clubs. Even some of the most famous Ibiza parties had low numbers sometimes (we love, just to name an example). Now…why was the season that weak? I personally think it’s a combination of various points/reasons…a few of them being:

- overall economic situation
- euro getting stronger / pound sterling losing (à bad for the british tourists)
- the footie euro championships in june kept many people away from ibiza
- prices in ibiza still rising kept people away
- many Spanish and Italian people coming to the island with a really low budget couldn’t afford spending a lot (not all of them obviously though – that’s just something I noticed)
- and as well, I do think the new clubbing laws and moreover the negative media presence from summer 2007 (when dc10, amnesia and bora bora were shut for 2-8 weeks) did affect the season as well. I know many clubbers who said “ah, we’ll give ibiza a break this year and we’ll come back once the situation is alright again. I doubt these guys will stay away from ibiza for years, but this year, many people just gave it a break.

Conclusion: everyone had to accept it was a quiet season. One part (the bigger one I guess) was the overall economic situation, but the other part is the fault of either the government (when it comes to clubbing and bad tourism strategies) or the businesses (keeping the high prices or even rising them still).

OK – but enough negativity for now – let’s go back to the nice things of life…

Working in Ibiza 2008

Just a few words on that, because I partly already wrote something about it in the beginning when I was reviewing my months. Generally, I worked much more this summer. I had a great position, but also had to work hard for it. Looking back, I realise I was quite stressed out sometimes (August basically), but I definitely still managed to have a pretty damn amazing season in Ibiza again.

Also, looking back with a more distant view on things (I am back in Switzerland for a month already now. Many pieces of this review had been written at an earlier point already) I also realise the (nighttime) parties this summer generally still absolutely were rocking. Take this as “conclusion 2” to the above “analyzing the season” part ;)
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The Restaurants…we love fine dining

Ok, you know I am a tastebud. And I don’t mind paying quite a sum if the food and service is good. And still, I’m always looking for new places and for secret hints. Because also, not all the restaurants in ibiza are expensive.
Here’s where I ate out this summer.

Ibiza town (and surroundings)
Pastis (near plaza de parque) – really small and nice french restaurant with GREAT steak tartare!!
La brasa – still one of my in-town fave’s, even though it’s quite pricey. The patio beats it all.
La Marina (in Hostal La Marina) we had a very tasty and large fish and seafood plate there. Very friendly people, too!
Ars Vivendi – the tapas bar of Restaurante El Pato out of Ibiza town, direction Santa Gertrudis. Very special, high-definition high-quality tapas – wow!
La Masia d’en Sort – another great restaurant not too far from ibiza town and still out in the quiet. We’ve had absolutely lovely fish there!
La Vaca Argentina – finally also made it there this summer. Hungry for a big and tasty steak? Go for it!
El Portalon – another great (but rather pricey) restaurant up in Dalt villa!
Everybody – known as “the fish shack”. We just love, love, love it!
Hostal Talamanca (the restaurant of it, not Bar Flotante) – belongs to the guys from La Brasa and has the same menue!
Café Madagascar – great for a drink or also for breakfast in the morning. Peoplewatching at plaza de parquet is so much fun!
Granja dunes – my breakfast place in playa d’en bossa.
El patio de los pasajeros – a cool tapas place just behind plaza de parque close to the wall
Los pasajeros and comidas san juan – the cheapest places to eat in ibiza town and still, they serve great food! Comidas san juan also has got a great red house wine!
Talamanca club – i always thought that this Italian restaurant right on talamanca beach must be some expensive tourist trap with bad (or average) quality Italian cuisine. It’s not. The prices are alright and the food is definitely top notch Italian stuff! Be aware although that the owner (an old Italian lady) can be really rude if she’s stressed.

Es caliu – good meat, very friendly people, lovely atmosphere (still surprised you had such a bad expierence there Tony)
Sol d’en Serra – keeps being one of my fave places for a luxury lunch! Hope it opens again…
Cami de Balafia – the best place on the island for a cosy dinner and really good meat and fresh veggies!
La Paloma – seems to be the new Hit. But yes, it is really good stuff you get there! We liked our pasta lots, as well as the starters!
Cas Pages – another great countryside farmer style restaurant. Huge portions, absolutely cheap prices for ibiza, great stuff!!!
Bambuddha Grove – long time I hadn’t eaten there. Well, the place is as beautiful and as touristic as ever. But I must say, the food was really good and also, we got big portions…so, value for money was alright TBH! And some of the staff were absolutely stunning!!!
Casa Colonial – finally also made it to this stunning place! Wonderful setting, 1a quality food. Definitely on the expensive side of things, but if you’re up for pampering yourself and enjoy a really nice evening with fine food, wine and surprises, then go for it! One of the best places I’ve ever been to in Ibiza!
Es pins – another great countryside, farmer-style restaurant near San Lorenzo (just on the road to San Juan). Great aniseed bread, delicious arroz marinero and yummy desserts.
Bar Ulivans – right on the newly renovated and traffic-free village square in Sta Gertrudis. Great for a drink and also for some fresh fish!

La Escollera – another fine dining restaurant by the sea (Es Cavallet beach) I hadn’t visited before. We had the Fideuà (paella, but with pasta instead of rice), which was lovely! Not a cheap place, but a beautiful one!
Yemanja – still one of my fave restaurants by the sea.
Sa Trinxa – I hadn’t expected such good food there honestly!
Jockey club – it took me 5 years until I went there for the first time. surely not a cheap place, but we had great stuff there – most recommended in low season when it’s not too busy.
El Carmen – my favourite paella place in Ibiza. Right on the beach at Cala d’hort.
Es boldado – again at cala d’hort, not on the beach but on the rocks to the right. Even better views of es vedra, but I prefer the food at el Carmen!

San Antonio Area
El Viper Bar – good Tapas. When I went there in the beginning of the season, the service unfortunately really wasn’t good though!
Casa Thai 1+2 – really good thai stuff and quite cheap!!!
Ca’n Pujol – a great seafood/fish place at the far end of the Bay, just before you get to Port d’es Torrent.
Aquarium Cap blanc – go there on a Friday night for a sardinada (grilled sardines until you die plus yummy ibicenco salad at 10€ per person) – great stuff (reservation must be made in advance!)

Can Tixedo, Forada – still the best Tapas in Ibiza
Can Negre, Between Ibz town and San Rafael – just a very normal local workers bar. But with great bocadillos and fresh fruit juice – brilliant for a hangover cure breakfast!


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The figures…just some random numbers

total Parties: 113 :eek: mind though, I sometimes was party-hopping and visited up to 4 clubs in one night. But still, I was out and dancing A LOT. And my knee (which I had to do surgery on just before I flew down) was ok! :D
total Entrance paid: 25€ - thank god there are season passes and security people you get to know 8)
Searched by the guardia civil: 3 times…and no problems :)
Car kilometres driven: a bit more than 13’000
Car crashs: one. My fault this time. but no real harm fortunately.

The future…thoughts

Will I go back to ibiza? For sure. Will I go back there for work? Not next year, if everything goes according to plan. Already before I flew down to ibiza for my second season, I knew it will be my last season in the next few years (as I said, if everything is running according to plan). I had been offered a job in switzerland already last winter. The position was simply too good to say no so I took the job and signed a contract even before I flew down. The good thing about the whole thing was, that I had a) a really good job from October onwards and that, b) because the job only started in October, I still had the opportunity to do a second season in ibiza before I return to “normal” work life! Sounds perfect, no? and it was perfect. Sure, the second season is never as amazing as the first one (but I knew this), but still – I had a great summer. Those of you who spent some time with me all noticed how much of a happy chap I am when I am in ibiza. And I’m also sure a third, fourth, fifth….summer would be just as good. But apart of the fact I knew it from the start of the season it most probably will be my last one for a while, I noticed something else towards the end of this summer. Just after two seasons, I am already getting tired of doing the season. Or, to be more exact, tired of doing ONLY the season. Doing the season is a lot of fun as you can imagine. Sure, you do work a lot. But the sun’s shining for almost four months nonstop, you can go clubbing almost as much as you want without and even get in free, there’s always great people around you and you definitely can have your summer of a lifetime in ibiza (I had two of them now). The thing I now noticed is that I’m not made for living a few months here, then a few months there, returning here for another few months etc. I know many people who are doing this for many years already and are still happy doing it. But I noticed I need a place which I can really call home. Maybe (probably?) I am getting old, but I feel like I need a place that’s mine, where I can put my things and make it comfy. But that’s just one side. The other side is the social network. This year, much less friends from home came to visit me. I had expected this as well. It was also OK because I really worked a lot more this season. But still, I began to miss them. On the other hand, my friendships I already had on the island grew stronger and new ones were found as well. So when the season ended I (agin, like last year) was very emotional to leave all these people again. On the other hand I was looking forward to see my people at home again. So in a way, I realised that 50%here and 50%there is no good for me, looking at it on a long-term scheme. It was perfect for two years (and I am SO sure my heart will bleed next may when everyone is going back again), but for now I will have to give it a miss for a while. Not entirely though, I’ll be in ibiza as much as I can…and on a long-term scheme, I am quite sure that, if I go back to work in ibiza some day, I’m going to stay there for a while (meaning not just a season but at least a few years)…

My second season has shown me a lot about myself and I’ve learnt a lot more than last summer. My love for Ibiza is unbroken and stronger than ever.

Thank you’s…just because I am thankful

A big thank you to the spotlight crew for all your help and support regarding everything. I’d never have done two seasons in ibiza if I hadn’t registered to the spotlight forums a few years ago. I’d never have fallen in love with ibiza that much without spotlight – that’s the truth. And thanks a lot for spotlight lunch!!

A big shout out to all san antonio and playa d’en bossa workers, you know who you are – great to see you all again. May our paths cross again, please.

A big gracias to all the clubs staff. Thank you for letting me be part of it.

Another big shout out to all forumers I met this year and to everyone who’s not registered and is reading on here nevertheless – ibiza wouldn’t be the same without everyone of you and I really mean it.

a big “I love you guys” to: Amber, Rachel, Laurence, Carlos. Thank you guys, you were great!
And a last big “os quiero mucho” to my multinational ibiza family. Café caleta para todos por favor!

If you’re doing a season in ibiza and you’re into clubbing, you really feel like being at the epicentre of the world. It’s intense, it’s fast, it’s messy sometimes and it’s a big broad smile on your face generally all summer. The smile is because of all the people you meet during those few months and thousands of memories you share together. Those memories can bring back that smile at any time of day or night, at any random day, and I am smiling right now…

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wow!... just wow! 8) Again, you've outdone yourself with an amazing review :)

Thank you so much for posting that stivi. Again it was a pleasure to see you on the island again.

Like you, I went for the first time in 2004 and fell in love with the place. As you know I agree with you soooooo much regardiing Matinee :cry: and bora bora as well.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write about everything in detail. I go for 10 days and can barely get half a page of a review together. I bet there are many new spotlighters who are inspired by your reviews.

I'm sure I'll see you back on the island some day......hopefully at 10 am on a Saturday morning for our beloved Matinee when they've relaxed the rules a little bit ;)
Thank you - brilliant review. Totally captured the place, the mood, the changes... I loved our summer there and the people are totally what makes the place (the music and dancing help too:lol:)
We love you stivi!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol:

Amazing review as per always, and this time you even outdone your own self! :eek:

Was great bumping into you (again) this summer and hopefully 'our paths will cross' again next summer... cheers to that! :D
We got used to some great reviews, but this one is "incroyable".
Thanks for sharing.

Remember 15 November; Luciano + Loco Dice in Lausanne.