The Ibiza Experience...Pure Ectasy



I was in Ibiza August 22 - August 26 for the second summer in a row. Obviously, I got the Ibiza itch from the first trip and there was no way in hell that I wasn't going back again.
There were four girls on my trip, and we had added Ibiza onto our European vacation that included Italy, Switzerland, and Amsterdam. And let me tell you, 3, 4 or 5 days IS enough time to spend there. You can certainly get a taste of the island on the very first night that you arrive.

To summarize the Ibizan experience, think of everything you have ever heard about Ibiza, whether it be from Wild On! or VH1 or some other source...EVERYTHING YOU WILL EVER HERE IS TRUE! And then some, no matter how prepared you think you are, your jaw WILL DROP the first night you get there.

Just to share a few reviews and/or advice with you, following is a short re-cap of my trip this summer. We stayed at Jet Apartments in Playa D'en Bossa - we had found this place the previous year while we were partying at Bora Bora beach and decided that this was definitely the place to stay the next time we came to Ibiza. Although it was extremely hard to make reservations, finally all the hard work and long distance phone calls paid off and we secured a room. Awesome location, great beach, and never a dull moment. I would definitely recommend staying there - it is cheap and the only drawback is the loud planes ushering in hundreds of clubbers throughout the day (hence the name, JET Apartments).

While I don't consider myself a raver, in fact, I am the farthest thing from it, Ibiza is the most amazing place I have ever been. I work a regular 8-5 job with an automotive company in Michigan. I am 24 years old, single, and I love to travel. Like everyone else in the states, I saw Ibiza on Wild On a few years ago and promised myself I would make it there. I did and it was the most exciting experience of my life. I knew I would love it as I am a huge party girl, but I was not prepared to fall in love with the island. I went to Ibiza for one thing: the DJ's. Although entrance tickets to the clubs are pretty pricey ($50) , realize that you would pay that much to see a concert at home. And, in essence, that is what you are doing here. From Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, Carl Cox, DJ Irene, Sasha and John Digweed, Sven Vath, Paul Van Dyk...nowhere else will you find this caliber of DJ's on one island along with the most enthusiastic clubbers in the world! You will meet people from all over the world, and yes, Americans are finally catching on. No matter where you go, fellow Americans will find you. They hear your accent and they are on you like flys.

Buy your tickets in advance to save money...the best thing to do is to go down to the port around midnight, have a few drinks, do some people watching, buy your tickets and head to the clubs around 2 a.m. While I still have not experienced every club there, I have been to the majority of them. Following is the schedule that we seemed to follow:

Monday - Manumission (too big and too crowded, but worth going just to see the biggest club in the world...10,000 people!!!)
Tuesday - Perfecto at Pacha
Wednesday - El Divino or Space
Thursday - Cream at Amnesia is a must!
Friday - PACHA! PACHA! PACHA! I cannot stress that enough.
Saturday - Hit some of the smaller bars... AK Morgana,
Sunday - We Love Sundays at Space - Amazing!

If you plan on drinking, be prepared to fork out some cash...drinks are extremely expensive (sometimes $20 for a Vodka Redbull). The reason for that? NO ONE DRINKS! There are many other ways to party there and that becomes extremely evident as soon as you walk in to a club and realize that there are probably 5,000 people there and not a single line at the bar! But, don't think you're going to get off cheap on the water. Although your party favors will be mind-blowingly cheap, water is anywhere between $8 - $10 for a small bottle. And they actually put salt into the taps in the bathrooms so you can't refill. So, plan on taking at least $150 - $200 out per night, no matter what your poison. It's all worth it, though. Sidebar: what you get in Ibiza will probably be the best and cleanest you will ever have...Enjoy! : )

And although you will be extremely tired when you come in the next morning, don't waste your time in Ibiza in your hotel room. Sleep on the beach...any beach. My favorites were Bora Bora for the party and San Salines for relaxation and the view. Don't be afraid to take your top off either ladies! That's all part of the fun! Also, buy CD's while you are there. Space has a place inside where you can buy their latest can't get these in the states.

Have a great time...and do it now while you're young. As more and more Americans find out about Ibiza, chances are it will turn into a Cancun in the next few years. So, get there now while you can. Cheers!
Nice review,

And gotta be said that there is always plenty of room for more gorgeous American girls.

C Ya next year, could be a huge spotlight meetup year!!!
yeah spotlight meet up in ibiza, we could throw a free party as well, 'the spotlight' party!!! hahaha!!!!!
Have a great time...and do it now while you're young. As more and more Americans find out about Ibiza, chances are it will turn into a Cancun in the next few years. So, get there now while you can. Cheers![/quote]

One thing is for sure....Spain is no Mexico, and Ibiza is no Cancun!
Absolutely marvelous review BTW :lol:
I was in Ibiza in Sept., and I thought it was awesome. Please, my worst nightmare is that it turns into Cancun! And you're right, I never thought about it, but there are no lines for the bar, compared to some clubs here in the U.S. In America, you could wait forever to get a drink, in Ibiza,
no problem, (for obvious reasons).
kvan6 said:
as soon as you walk in to a club and realize that there are probably 5,000 people there and not a single line at the bar! quote]

At the bar, no.

In the toilet cubicles....

just shows you dat there are a mixture of people in the clubs,

1) people who buy drink then go and dance
2) people who can't afford to drink, and take up the toilets again for obvious reasons.
pure exstacy

I was there august 29th-sep 9th. Missed PVD that friday and i was pissed off.........Absolutely right about the candy in and purest form i've ever seen. People were great, the party was great and I loved Pacha the most.

I'm from Atlanta Ga, and 5 of my boyz and myself headed to IBIZA and stayed at the JET also....are first and best choice....great hotel....with bora bora and space knocking on your door.

I don't think that many americans are going to make the trek over when they love places like Cancun. I on the other hand love IBIZA b/c i don't like hip hop and Rap and so I have to come to europe for the best in dance and trance. I'm defintely going next year maybe for two weeks.

I think I had too much candy..I have become forgetful lately. I am 25 and love travelling as well....PRAGUE is my next stop.
SeE yOu NeXt YeAr
Please let's keep it that way. I think Cancun is a place like san antonio is for the British youth. A lot of boozing etc. etc. Nothing wrong with that Ibiza is a place for everybody offcours and i got nothing to say about that. Unfortunately not all of those beer boys as the call them in the UK think the same about the island as most of us do.
That was a very nice review. However, I really hope that our fellow Americans don't turn Ibiza into the next Cancun! I don't think I could handle that. Although, I haven't met one person other then myself who has been to Ibiza from where I live. I think for some Americans it is too far to go in their minds. Only the ones who are willing to spend insane amounts money and hours on uncomfortable planes because they have the true passion to experience what Ibiza is all about will go. It took me about 17 hours in all to get to Ibiza. That is a long time. 3 flights, a couple hours lay over waiting for the next flights. It is a big deal to me. Not just a place to party but a place that is the true embodiement of what living life is all about. I just hope that Ibiza doesn't lose it's luster completely! I guess all good things come to an end though! :cry:
I really hope not! Damn, Ibiza is like my one refuge from America and all of it's on the go mentality. Don't get me wrong, I love America. I am always happy to come home after a trip over seas because it's my home! Sometimes, I just get really upset at how American society can be so self absorbed and out of touch with what is really important in life. Ibiza is like my MECCA, my escape from reality and my one taste of what a laid back easy going life is like! NO CANCUN VIBE IN IBIZA!!!!!!
i think a llt of americans also come to ibiza becuase its very minimalistic, its steeped ion history, very old, unlike america!!!
That's true too. It is amazing to go to Ibiza and Europe. There is soooooo much history. Thousands of years rich in history. In the USA we think it's old if it's over 200 years old. I love Europe, it's sooo rich in history and culture! :D
I Totally agree with you Susie. I would probably cry if Ibiza turned into anything like Cancun. But imo that's impossible. Ibiza is much bigger in ego/heart than any refuge of bad American tourists. No offense to Cancun, but it's an American resort in Cancun. Why people go...I really don't know. Ibiza is an Ibizian resort In Ibiza, Spain. The vibe and culture is like nothing else I have ever experienced. I can't wait for summer 2003!!! 8)
Dear kvan6 (?), was in ibiza(for the first time) last week august 2002 with partner and very best mate in the whole world. We stayed in San A. My best girlfriend and i promised ourselves a follow up(possibly first week of june) just the 2 of us, and we want to stay in Playa d' en bossa this time around so I'm very interested in your Jet Appartments, could you(or any one else) give me the phone number or adress so that i can start my own round of phonecalls etc to get a booking. Loved your revieuw. ;)