The Good, The Bad, and The Wickedly Loco!!



The (mis)Adventures of Andre27 and DexCeeMeth on the White Isle, V. 2.0:

Trip One - 12 August - 19 August:
*author's note: I was not on trip one (my understudy stepped in this time), but I've taken liberty and license with sordid tales as if I were for the sake of entertainment.

Where we stayed: Hotel Playa d'Imperial, Cala Llonga.
What we thought of it: It was shit, don't stay there. Quite family-oriented, received scathing looks each day at dawn when we returned ragged and worse for the wear. One saving grace - the beach was good for recovery time.

Tuesday: Settle in at hotel, eat at La Marina in Eivissa Harbor. Great decor/ambience, but not the greatest food. A bit pricey as well. But it's all right, we were headed to Carl Cox @ Space that night and our spirits we're high. Stopped at our favorite pre-space joint, Tantra Café (yeah, tantra, bay-bay) to enjoy the decidely American-style supersized drinks (basically, TUBS of liquor for a mere 8 Euros - other clubs take note) in the company of all the beautifully crazy Italianos. Love those bastardos and their boundless passion.

Headed off to Space @ 1 AM to easily the longest line in all the land waiting for the great Coxy. No worries though, only a 25-30 minute wait in the end. Went straight to the discoteca and into the open arms of the best crowd all around - best dressed, best looking, best use of sweat as a fashion accessory, best EVERYTHING.

Coxy's set was really great, perhaps not spectacular - due to some exorbitantly high expectations - but still stellar. Eclectic and fun. At about 4 he made way for the Dutch bosher, Micheal de Hey, who raised not only the BPMs but also the intensity of the buzzing crowd with some straight up techno MADNESS.

Five-thirty came calling and so did bedtime.

Wednesday: After a generous three hours sleep by Ibiza standards, recovered on the beach as best we could in the sweltering 40 degree heat.

After a listless afternoon in Ibiza town for food and shopping, got ourselves ready for a night at Pacha with Deep Dish and the sexy beast from Jersey himself, Morillo.

In da club (with a bottle full o' bub) about 1:30 AM we checked out the terraza while getting anally raped for a few drinks. Deep Dish came on at two and Morillo promptly stepped in for the back to back bidness for about 4 hours. Deep Dish rocked. Morillo...well, did not. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: At least not this night. His tracks seemed more an interruption to the flow that Deep Dish created and were trying to rebuild each time they returned. Dammit. Toward the end of the night, Erick just needed to stop the madness.

Deep Dish fecked off, seemingly none too thrilled with the showing, around 6 and left Erick to his own devices. He started to play a decent set, one to which we've grown accustomed from Morillo, but at this point it was just a bit too little too late. We strode out with the blaring farting noises of 'Satisfaction' fading behind us as a new realisation began to dawn with the morn': Space is the place and E-man needs to move onto Act Two.

Thursday: Ibiza routine - beach in the morning, lunch in Eivissa Town at La Brasa (one of our favorite places to eat on the island).

Excitement abounded as we were headed to peep on of our favorite jocks, Kleinenberg at the neophyte PinUp. Come midnight, off we went. Quarter-hour later, something was amiss, or more aptly, MISSING. Namely, the crowd. Where was it? Probably no more than 15-20 people in the club (does this REALLY happen in Ibiza???). We did our duly best to prop up the bar for 30 minutes or so, drinking some reasonably priced vodka limóns. The smooth house by one of the best djs in the world with so little crowd felt like we were getting a private show. Great, great time, but we were definintely disappointed we didn't have more people to share the magic with. Around 1, the tide started coming in, brining a few more people who were actually staying, but at this point still no one was dancing. We finally decided to do our civic duty and make like Pink getting the party started, being the only two people to stride out to the dance floor. In 30 minutes, the energy picked up and the dance floor filled, Kleinenberg like the pro he is, starting to sense the shapeshifting and playing some peak-time beatz.

Just before two, he handed over the properly lubed up crowd to Bill Patrick, unknown to most, but who promtply made the crowd take notice with some WIKKID, WIKKID tech-house. From this point until close, a proper display of tag teaming took place with a bueno meld of house/tech-house/prog/breakbeat.

The overall vibe felt like the paragon of all intimate house parties given by two spot on jocks for the serious, clued-in clubbers. Noteworthy mention: at one point, we were actually able to converse with Sander and Bill, both sweethearts (my word, not Andriy's). ;) Sander was even kind enough to purchase me a drink, due in no small part I'm sure to the shirt I was sporting specifally for this party - which said in big, BOLD, WHITE letters, "WILL F*CK FOR COKE." :lol: :lol:

Good times had by all...

Friday: Supposed to have been our day off. Lunch at the Jockey Club in Las Salinas, stared at some nekkid bapage on the beach...rounded up the afternoon/evening with a snippet of Tongleberry's show at Café Mambo.

After about half a dozen very potent capirihnas, off to bed early...only to wake up to...

Saturday: THE FOOKIN' RAGIN' IBIZA FLU. Bastardo! Cue abrupt end of our holiday as the remaining days were spent bathing in our own sickly sweet stench in our un-ACd rooms. Feverish calls and screams in the night were let out as we missed three parties of the year to which we had so been looking forward.

Half-hearted attempts at bolstering our spirits and our health were made, but alas, nothing could heal our ailments and Space, DC10, and Cocoon would have to wait to devour our brain cells until the next trip (foiled!).

Which leads us directly into...
wicked review.

heard about sander playing to just a small crowd on a few occassions. criminal really. def one of my fav dj's. top bloke. hey, you could just tell people sander played a private gig for you and your mates ;)

nice t-shirt by the way :)
Re: The Good, The Bad, and The Wickedly Circo Loco!!

DexCeeMeth909 said:
Stopped at our favorite pre-space joint, Tantra Café (yeah, tantra, bay-bay)

aye!! :p

The Good, The Bad, and The Wickedly Circo Loco!! (Part 2)

The (mis)Adventures of Andre27 and DexCeeMeth on the White Isle, V. 2.1:

Trip Two - 03 September - 09 September:
**author's note: I WAS on this trip for sheezy, and not only was it my cherry trip to Ibiza, it was my first trip out of the country...

Where we stayed: Hotel Playa d'en Bossa
What we thought: Not the greatest hotel, could use to clean up the halls a bit. Pretty much utilitarian rooms (salt water, no AC - yet surpisingly not that hot). But with its overall accepting attitude of the clubber crowds, the halfway decent breakfast/dinner options, and the bombass proximity to Space and DC10 (Space especially), all was forgiven.

Wednesday: I flew in from Denver, Colorado, in the states, Andriy from Kyiv. We were to meet up in Barcelona for a few drinks while we waited for our connecting flights to mecca. However, with jetlag encroaching on me and after some mini-mishaps (including Andriy being subject to a literal Spanish inquisition because of his visa and my flight to Ibiza being delayed an hour) I was a bit nervous about whether we would make it to Subliminal that night at Pacha.

All was revealed though once I stepped off the plane: Ibiza is where the magic happens.

I was immediatly buzzing with energy I didn't know I still had in me. We promptly threw our bags of at the hotel, did a superman style quick-change and caught the 1:00 AM discobús into town.

Let me just tell you now. ANY place that has transportation called a discobús is ace in my book. I've done my fair share of clubbing in the States, but I'll admit I was a bit slackjawed at the pilled out peeps waiting at bus stops, the fact that I was on a bus taking us all to a club, and in general at all the beautiful peeps (big up Spain, France, Italy - represent!), and the completely laid back attitude.

Ibiza just vibrates on a completely unique frequency and I love it (I'm still buzzing in fact and it's been almost ten days). But enough with the verbal jerk-off, right? We all know Ibiza how were the fookin' parties, yo?!?

Got to Pacha a little after 1:30. Got sorted in record time and headed to the steps of the main floor just as the Teutonic Gurner aka Timo Maas was prepping to take the helm. He was okay, no more, no less. As per usual didn't have a flow to his set, but some of the tracks were bomb. But then, just as Morillo was about to start some back2back bumptybump with Maas, our saviour - a friendly neighborhood jack and jiller - showed up with some serious stock that proved it's really about quality NOT quantity.

Morrilo, much unlike last time, rocked the party that rocked his body!! I swear he dropped 'Beat's All Over My Body' and 'Satisfaction' back to back for damn near 40 minutes. Even dropped 'Crazy in Love' which should have been just oh so wrong, but he worked it like no other, and this time it was Maas who suffered from the poor pairing.

Stayed fairly late/early - but seeing as how Erick rarely tends to stray far from his formula...when he played 'Don't Stop Till You Get Enough' we decided we had.

As we were still quite loved up, we wanted to walk back to the hotel...'cos it's not that far is it? All right...WRONG. Took us easily an hour and a half, and by that time (around 8 AM or so), our idea to enjoy the morning air wasn't such a good one after all and I was regretting having worn these crazy S&M stylie knee high black boots. Ah, but beauty is pain, right?

Slept for a few hours and then...

Thursday: Got up and headed to Las Salinas for lunch at Jockey Club (which was considerably less busy than in August). Kinda gloomy weather for the island, but it got a bit sunnier when we headed to Ibiza Town to load up on arguably the best sangria on the island (although it's no wonder we can't remember the name of the restaurant, but only how to stumble our way there).

Lazy day...hit Base Bar for a few cocktails that night, then back to the hotel reasonably early in preparation for the next four days ahead.

Friday: Breakfast at our hotel then visited the beach with our recording of the man like's Creamfields set with Tongy blaring from our walkman, getting hyped up for that night at Pacha. But would he show up???

Usual trip to Ibiza Town...and visited D'alt Vila where we happened upon the best little café called Sa Rosada. Fantastic food, extremely amiable owner...and we were even entertained by some crazy stories from a gaggle of gay septics who just ported their merry little cruise the night before. :confused: :rolleyes: :confused:

Picked up tix at Tantra from a shady Italian and headed to Pacha via Base Bar, leaving me rather f***ered up.

Arrived fairly early, before 1:30 AM and peeped the terraza then headed inside to wait patiently by the DJ booth for 'the arrival' as Marcus James played a wicked warmup, including 'Plastik Dreams.'

Sasha arrived promptly looking a bit ragged (result of his birthday extravaganza the night before, no doubt) but in soaring spirits. We snapped a few piccies, then bulldozed our way through the heaving throng of sardines to a prime spot in the middle of the floor.

And well, now what do I say about Sasha??? There are no words... he was ON from the beginning and did not disappoint throughout. The man like was even turning himself on as he bounced around and enjoyed a love fest up in the booth as well. The crowd was definitely gagging for it. It was a Luke Chable night for sure with Sasha playing Luke's remixes of his 'Cloud Cukcoo' and PQM's 'You are Sleeping' and then of course Chable and Bonicci's 'Ride' (this track is the epitome of the summer IMO).

When Sasha finished up with the Hardfloor Mix of 'Yeke Yeke,' I'm pretty sure the entire crowd let out one collective, much-needed, euphoric ejaculate all over the place.


As Tongleberry took over the crowd thinned a bit, but the floor definitely didn't clear contrary to popular belief. Tongy must have been inspired by Sasha just like the rest of us because his set did not disappoint either. He brought the tempo down a bit with his housier set, and played some wicked underground tracks even we couldn't trainspot.

Sasha came back at the very end for some playful back to back and that was that.

We left with the rest of the masses at closing and caught the most tweaked out bus back to Playa d'en Bossa.

Highlight (other than Sasha obviously): Met TONS of amazing people, including two awesome chaps from Portugal who were 'loving' Sasha as much as we were and kept us in free water and 'other things' the rest of the night. We exchanged all pertinent 411 of course when the night was up and are already planning next year's trip.

Ah...only in Ibiza.

Saturday: Because of our crazy state, it took us until 1 the next afternoon to force ourselves to catch two or three hours of sleep. Then woke up, did pictures in Ibiza Town/D'alt Vila and back to hotel for dinner and cleanup for our 3rd night at Pacha, DefMix.

Headed back into town, went to a bar we can't remember the name of but it's near Base and K-ube. Got caught in bit of the crazy electrical/rain storm, the finally braved it out and headed Pacha's direction. Obviously, queues for taxis were insane but we finally found an entrepreneurial local who gladly gave us ride for a few Euros.

Arrived around 1:30 AM or so. The club was considerably less packed than the night before. We had a few drinks and I managed to talk to Satoshie Tomiie for a bit while Andriy headed to the loo, where a few minutes later I found out Andriy actually got to pee next to Satoshie. Whoo-hoo. ;)

Satoshie took a while to get his set going technically and tracks-wise, but that changed after dropping Mr. C's 'Terricola (L&Bss Mix).' An overall great set to which we both danced our arses off.

He handed off to Hernán Cattáneo around 5 who played 150 minutes of straight up wicked, melodic proghouse (much like Sasha's set IMO) to a dwindling but enthusiastic crowd.

Again till closing then home for this 'chemical brothers' free night. For once. ;);)

To be continued...
When Sasha finished up with the Hardfloor Mix of 'Yeke Yeke,' I'm pretty sure the entire crowd let out one collective, much-needed, euphoric ejaculate all over the place.


haha, nice way to put it... :)

harryhotspur <------------ should take time out to read 'authors note' next time round.. :rolleyes: ( i'm really not with it today... )

get on with that dc10 review, girlie...
The Good, The Bad, and The Wickedly Circo Loco!! (Part 3)

The (mis)Adventures of Andre27 and DexCeeMeth on the White Isle, V. 2.1.a


Sunday, that FATEFUL day in so many ways, due in no small part to the decadence of the nights behind us (namely the Sasha night) and the inclement weather the night before…Andriy and I woke up to my now infamous words:

Me: 'Andriy...I'm siiiiiick.'
Andriy: No comment.
Me: *cough cough*
Anrdriy: Still no comment.
Me: *cough cough HACK COUGH COUGH*
Andriy (to himself): 'Ahhh...shit. Not again.'
Me: 'Did you hear what I said?'

From there, Andriy as on a mission because there was no way he was missing out on the Space/DC10 combo AGAIN. We went directly to Passion Juice Bar just up from the hotel and imbibed as much immune boosters, vitamin C, and such as we could through their awesome fresh juices, smoothies, and what not. Then it was over to the farmacía for the legal drugs and other vitamins.

Passion Juice Bar: GREAT, GREAT, FANTDUBITASTIC place. Seriously great menu all around, not just for the smoothies, but for perfect brunch/lunch/light dinner items as well. The waitstaff is extremely amicable - especially the cute French guy - but they are a bit understaffed, so don't go if you're in a hurry. And more than reasonable on the wallet.

Also, our saving grace we think...

We headed back to the hotel, and knocked ourselves the f*ck out with the medication and finally headed across the street for We Love Sundays around 6 PM. See? Now how pimp is that to be able to walk ACROSS THE STREET to Space? Major P.I.M.P.

The line wasn't long but our faces were...Andriy and I were both a bit doubtful we would be able to make it through the night and had planned on heading to Bora Bora in few hours for respite.

We went to the terraza and promptly started the booty-shaking and the getting sorted (yeah, we're crazy like that, just asking for more punishment in our sickened states).

Tom Novy was playing a classic terrace set, dropping all the hits the crowd always loves, but nearly train-wrecking every few tracks. Groove Armada came on around 8 and seemed like they were definitely getting their 'groove' on - ;);) – with Tongy even hanging around the DJ booth enjoying.

However, we weren't having any more of the terrace and I was in need of a place to sit down. We went inside and grabbed some waters and a few seats, listening to a pretty damn good set by I don't know who. Somebody Phillips maybe?

We downed some more medication - or was it? - and continued the listening and the people watching. Even got tripped out by some crazy chick wearing day-glo white and orange veil/gown carrying a stuffed bear wearing the same.

The crowd and the energy were definitely starting to pick up inside, ourselves included. We headed to the dance floor just in time to hear one James 'Skywalker' Zabiela.

WOW!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

This boy can SCRATCH, MIX, TWEAK, TWIDDLE - you name it. I'm pretty sure my head exploded all over the floor after which I happily danced all over it. We practically nutted ourselves when he dropped 'Ride.'

Wowsa...when his time was up, I looked at Andriy and stated in awe, "I wanna ba like James." (We'll see how that goes...)

So now the question has been answered...for all those wondering...James Zabiela is god.

Layo & Bushwacka were next...their set definitely what inside Space is all about...dark, evil, jackin'-techno with basslines from hell and acid riffs. Both lads were on top form. Fantastic 2.5 hours...

ScanX was next as a 45 minute warmup for Garnier. Holy-crapper! He brought the intensity and the tempo up...great fookin' live show from this Frenchy.

I know, I can we survive this madness?

It gets better...Garnier came on and that bastardo had control over us like a true master of puppets. The entire set went EVERYWHERE - straight up techno - old school, new school, preschool, EVERYTHING - DNB, electro...all technically pristine and all making perfect sense.

Major sound hallucinations after this set...and what else could you expect after a sound mind-f*cking?? As the lights came up and Garnier wound down, we were spent. Sated. Euphoric. Somehow not sick anymore. At least for now.

Ahhh...Sundays @ Space. All you naysayers...take note - you just haven't done it proper. Wurd.

Monday: We made it through the wilderness, somehow we made it throouuuuuugh. Didn't know how long we'd last...

Made the quick walk home and caught a few zzzzz's depsite our altered state. Gawd, we we're knackered apparently.

Crawled out of our room around noon to our new favorite place Passion and reupped on all the goodness and nourishment.

From there, the pilgrimmage to DC10. Got there around 1:30 PM to a nicley packed terrace but a stark inside. Where'd all the nutters go?

We caught the last bit of John Creamer...wasn't bad, but wasn't great either when some ugly, fat bastardo took over. Cirillo maybe? His set was a'ight...

But I preferred the darkness of the hellmouth inside...Aldrin was on the decks and doing a pretty damn good job of keeping the locos going. Stayed till his finish and partook of some of the goodness that is known as Damian Lazarus. This guy was ON. Great stuff.

For some reason though, Andriy wanted to keep going out to the terrace (which I couldn't see why). Lottie was on and doing a damn fine job of wrecking my buzz. And with all the nutters not knowing whether they wanted to sit, stand, or scratch their eyes out, I had enough of the being bounced all over the place outside and went back in.

Still not tons of people inside so plenty of room to throw some shapes... ;);) After about 20 minutes, Andriy saw the error of his ways and joined me inside where all the good and proper crazy peeps congregate. And just in time to hear Lazarus drop Justin Robertson's remix of Felix's 'Harlot.'

Lazarus brought it, had fun partying with his crowd, playing the dope beatz...keep an eye out for this bloke.

Mr. C was up next...this guy was on form too. Even dropped Metro Area 'Miura' with the Moonraker a cappella then proceeded to open up the backs of our heads and f*ck away with some evil techno.

But alas...all the supplements in the world could no longer have any beneficial effect on the two of us...

And with smiles on our faces...clothes soaked through...ears ringing...and memories of guys in DC10 dancing on forearm crutches (now how's that for Ibiza spirit?) and crackheads passing out on the floor and getting kicked out only to show up half an hour later in the DJ booth...

we had realised...we came, we saw...and damn, WE were conquered by Ibiza.

We finally walked away from DC10 past the jam of cars out front around 7 and made the prudent decision to forego Richie Hawtin that night at Cocoon as we were flying home the next morning (besides, we've seen Hawtin before and know can't nobody hold him down).

DC10 is not for the weak or the faint of heart...but it is indeed for the likes of us.

So yeah...we got up, we defnitely got ill...and our clubbing dreams were mos def fulfilled.

Next year, year.
top review, a blast to read. really like your style..

i feel you on James Skywalker. hands down my fav dj at the present time. that night in space was pretty special. it helps when you are surrounded by people really feeling the vibe.

he made your head explode, and he scratched the fcuk out of my brains..

people i went to ibiza with arent really 'into' the music (at least the proggy, breakbeatie, techy, glitchy stuff) on the same level as me. but i wasnt alone in the true sense of the word, when in the middle of that dancefloor.

whats that thing about sundays@space being like going to church?

spirtitual indeed...

as for dc10....well, you know my feelings on this little evil hellmouth :twisted:

well, i'll have to do without it until next summer. until then, i have tyrant and fabric to keep me going...and add a little slice of digweed @ bedrock... thinks i'll survive ok :)
If only Spotlight had the infamous 'rock on' emoticon like GU, Harry...

I'd post a copious amount of them here right about now.

I feel ya, Nick, I feel ya!!
Re: The Good, The Bad, and The Wickedly Circo Loco!! (Part

DexCeeMeth909 said:
We went to the terraza and promptly started the booty-shaking and the getting sorted (yeah, we're crazy like that, just asking for more punishment in our sickened states).

I know a couple of other people like this!!!!!!
Great review, very entertaining. You sound like the type of people I hope to run into next year!!!!!!!!!
Hey, thanks, guys...

As you can tell it was an okay trip. ;);););)
My favorite Ukrainian...

Yeah, Andriy is in LA 7/24/365.

He was just at home (Kyiv) for a month.

And I'm answering for him because I'm visiting him out in LA trying to bring the ruckus grand central station...

Saw Steve Porter last night at a horribly promoted party (but only for a little bit because I got blindingly plastered and was displaying some DC10 only behaviour), Burridge tonight, Doc Martin next week, Zabiela early October, and whatever else we can manage to find.

Bring it.
i want a burridge review...

as for the pics, you guys look wasted. best way to be imo..

sasha looks a right mess too

very jealous i wasnt there...

and dex is wearing shades inside a club.. shame on you girl

If your eyes were doing somersaults like hers, you'd be be sporting the biggest shades this side of a blind man ;)

Acshly, Burridge was a bit of a let down...Some decent choons, but a very jerky flow to his set. Just couldn't get into it...Maybe tomorrow he'll come thru. Here's hoping!