The Gatecrasher saga continues...


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Hi guys,

don't take to much notice of this because it may not be true for various reason but have a read of this:

Tidy Trax are no longer involved in this venture anymore!!!

To be honest, it doesn't look like crasher is either!


What the monkey's is going on!

Gatecrasher sort it out!!!
lol Robo - was just looking at the Crasher messageboard for info - the cybers on it are blaming Tidy!! :lol:

someone posted that it must be on cos "Armin still thinks he's playing there"

Armin better tell his website then cos its Ibiza free zone!
Yawn Yawn Yawn :rolleyes:

I think Gatecrasher have spent so long fannying around this year that by now most people don't give a flying funk whether they are there or not.

It's a pity there is going to bo no trance now on a Tues if no Crasher or Gods, but it's not as if there's nothing to do on Tuesdays - Underwater, Garlands, Coxy.................
The owner/top bloke of Gatecrasher came into my flatmates office yesterday cause he knows my mates office manager well.

I'd love to say that Ross grilled him good n propper about Ibiza plans, Bed lineups, and such but instead he just tried to sell him a mincey flat :rolleyes: :confused:
its a disgrace that what it is.

not one single thing from gatecrasher, talk about bad communication....

Robo said:
its a disgrace that what it is.

not one single thing from gatecrasher, talk about bad communication....


I just really can't believe that no-one from the club has made any kind of formal statement.

You go onto any other club's message board (Sankeys, Gods, Passion etc) and you will always get your questions answered. Gatecrasher used to have forum on their m/board called FAO Management (don't know if it's still there now) and people would ask questions but no-one would ever reply :rolleyes:

I used to be big fan of Gatecrasher in the 90s and thought what they did for clubbing was fantastic at the time but I think the way they treat their core customer base these days is pretty pants :rolleyes: It's not really any wonder that it's gone downhill is it :rolleyes:
i have never seen any mods on there m/boards its an absolute disgrace..

money grabbing idiots...

the Colours board is full of bams but at least the people behind it inform you of news etc....Jon Mancini even goes on to tell you what the live mix on the Friday night radio show is going to be.

Gatecrasher has gone the way of Cream - too interested in churning out compilations and doing one-off events which coin in the big bucks.

If either of them were at all committed to the clubbers they would have restructured or reinvented their club nights to keep them weekly.

rant over - thank you :lol:
N8 said:
Except they're not making much money at the moment.........!

True, very true :p

I think this is the beginning of the end for Gatecrasher, shame really, was like when Cream RIP, all these institutions from our youth no more :rolleyes:
look at Ministry...

yes they churn out the compilations too but

they changed their nights to keep it fresh and
in Ibiza they stick to the principles - quality house music all the way.

Cream & Gatecrasher should take note.
Yes, ministry have been very shrewd with their music policy at the club and it is better for it. Same with Ibiza, a kind of sticking to their roots but moving with the times, maybe spreading those roots out kinda thing......