The Day the Immigrants Left


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A shining example of the laziness of the supposed 'locals' in areas where immigrants have supposedly taken the jobs?

Or a total setup by the bbc??

I suspect the former.
Me and a few mates did a Market research group for the beeb and amongst others this came up. It was like the monkey tennis scene in partridge.
Not one to laugh at my own jokes, but the office jack the lad ladies man was chatting up the receptionist who was learning sign language. He was doing his thing, pretending to learn whilst trying to rattle her knickers off with his charm. I asked him if he knew this one & he proceeded to fall for me miming out 'type my report now'.

funniest thing i ever did.
Just caught up with this. Unbelievable. Obviously massively biased by the BBC but still very good and validates what I have always said and thought. It was clear the people chosen were never going to be great workers though. Laurel and Hardy absolutely cracked me up, I think more than anything it shows how many people are, and there is no other way of putting it, thick as sh*t, more from their views than anything but really, really stupid.