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Dates you were there:

Where you stayed (resort/hotel):

Club nights visited:

Best night:

Worst night:

Best bar:

Best place to eat:

Money spent:

Biggest regret:

Going back?:

Top tip:

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Dates you were there: 26/5 - 2/6

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Hotel Es Vive

Club nights visited: BoHo Opening, Defected @ Pacha, Space Opening, Arrival @ EsVive, Toolroom @ Grial

Best night: Toolroom party @ Grial

Worst night: Space due to overcrowding such a shame

Best bar: Grial

Best place to eat: KM5 / El Patio Ibiza Town

Money spent: errrr 1000 euro all in flights accom and spending

Biggest regret: Not getting to Space earlier and missing the And The Beat Goes On screening due to self induced illness

Going back?: Probably next year - villa holiday though

Top tip: EsVive bar was great for free afterparties - closed 9am ish :D (not so great if your room was above the bar tho!)
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Dates you were there: 6/16-6/26

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Fiesta Club Playa den Bossa for 5 days, Palladium Palace Hotel for 5 days

Club nights visited: Cream at Amnesia, We Love Space, Tiesto at Privilege, Clubland at Es Paradis

Best night: A tie between Cream and Clubland

Worst night: Tiesto at Privilege

Best bar: Savannah

Best place to eat: La Oliva

Money spent: Everything, including the flight, about $3500 USD. Total spent while at the island ~750 [FONT=&quot]€[/FONT]

Biggest regret: Not getting out to enough club nights and local restaurants

Going back?: Hopefully sometime in the future

Top tip: Sneak in a camera by shortening the hand cord on your digital camera with a knot. Then feed the now shorter loop around your button on your pants, and feed the rest of the camera and cord through your zipper and zip up your pants. This is a flawless way to get your camera into the clubs, and it's unnoticeable as no part of the camera is visible, and it is completely secure from coming loose as it is also secured around the button on your pants! 8)
Dates you were there: 17th june - 24th june

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): bahia hotel, san an bay

Club nights visited: subliminal @ pacha, Cream opening, Wonderland @ Eden, WE love space, Tiesto @ priviledge, Stealth party @ amnesia

Best night: Tiesto

Worst night: Wonderland. Worst night out ive ever had!!!!!!

Best bar: Mambo's

Best place to eat: sun sea bar.

Money spent: £1500

Biggest regret: either going to Wonderland (it really was that bad) or not really a regret but a dissapointment, is that Sven Vath wasn't playing at cocoon on monday.

Going back?: Hopefully for closings, if not then definatley next year.

Top tip: AVOID WONDERLAND LIKE THE PLAGUE. music was awful, absolutely terrible dance/pop rubbish, sort of stuff id expect to hear at a clubland night.
Dates you were there: Jun 27 - Jun 30

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Playa Sol I, Figueretas

Club nights visited: Defected, We Love, Cocoon

Best night: tie

Worst night: none

Best bar: Reunion in Ibiza Town - Uly is the man

Best place to eat: Principe in Figueretas, amazing paella

Money spent: £300 circa

Biggest regret: lack of sunbathing & the drink with grego not being realised

Going back?: who knows!

Top tip:learn to dance like the Spiderman
Dates you were there: 28/5-2/6

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Lux Mar apartments

Club nights visited: Privilege opening and Space opening

Best night: Space before it got ridiculously busy

Worst night: None

Best bar: Bora bora

Best place to eat: Restaurant Soleado (Figueretas). Great view and the best carpaccio.

Money spent: 1700 euro (for two incl flight and hotel)

Biggest regret: None

Going back?: Yes, 26/7-4/8 :)

Top tip: If you go to Space opening, go early. We arrived 2pm and had our best hours til 7pm, after that it got far too busy for us.
Dates you were there: 28 June to 05 July​

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Calo Gracio/El Coto​

Club nights visited: We Love @ Space, Release Yourself @ Amnesia, F*** Me I'm Famous @ Pacha​

Best night: Release Yourself @ Amnesia - Great music, great crowd, great time:!: Roger you still rock and thanks for the autograph :!: Only down side was the selection of Cerveza available in Amnesia - awful​

Worst night: F*** Me I'm Famous but only cos Pacha was totally rammed. There was no room to move let alone dance :spank: Arno Cost and Norman Doray played a wicked set but I think there was way to many people in the club just cos Kelly Rowland was on we cut our losses and left just before 5am feeling a little dissapointed but carried our own party on back at the apartments :confused:

Best Bar: Kumharas. I still love this place. Went on Monday and Saturday and on both occassions was lucky enough to hear some live music too. It was great. Kaz loves all the stalls too.​

Best place to eat: Hmm? Tijuana? I been going to Ibiza for years and this was my first time, great food and its also a good laugh. I also went to the curry club for the first time too :oops:. Food was good but the service was not the best. Also Kelly Rowland (again!!!!) sat a table just along from us. Felt like going up to her and saying, 'you were at Pacha last night right? Well you ruined our night' :lol:

Money spent: :eek: About 1850€ for 2 of us (this also includes 2 days jeep hire).​

Biggest regret: None really apart from not going Paragliding again. So want to do that.​

Going back?: Nah, I doubt it. Been going every summer for the last ten years (12 visits in total) and I think I have seen and done enough. Everything is just so expensive and I am just not willing to pay it anymore as its certainly not good value for money. Somewhere new next year I think. Will defo be back sometime though but could be years away........?

Top tip: Enjoy every minute time passes so quicky. Try and do something different from your previous visit even if its something minor. For us, this year it was going up to Benniras beach and hiring pedal boats and going out to that big rock. It was great fun.​

Observations: Clubs, bars and resturants appeared quieter this year (with the exception of Pacha) and I do think the recession has had impact. The weather was very good too 8) Musically this year I did not find it very exciting. Best track that was floating my boat was 'Michel Cleis - La Mezcal' which appeard to be getting played everywhere I went.​
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Dates you were there: 27/06 - 04/07

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Sol Bahia, San An

Club nights visited: Desert Island Disco @ BoHo

Best night & Worst night: As we only went to the one night it can count as both! BoHo is a nice enough club, still smells of paint. The night itself was dead, only about 40 people in there tops. Brandon Block walked in and left after 5 mins! Nicky Holloway was pretty dreadful! But we still had a laugh and it was good hearing some old classics again. Nightcrawlers, not so much!!

Best bar: Still El Viper. Also really liked this place underneath Kasbah, don't know the name though.

Best place to eat: La Torreta, Ibiza Town. The tomato & strawberry gazpacho with basil ice cream was absolutely divine!

Money spent: About £600.

Biggest regret: Being too lazy to do anything during the day!

Going back?: Yes but maybe not next year.

Top tip:
Dates you were there: 25th june - 4th july

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Mare Nostrum

Club nights visited: Eden, Space, Pacha, Amnesia

Best night: Hed Kandi @ Space. I just loved it. Music was the utmost bestest of the best and the atmosphere was just OOOHH-LALAALAAA! Swedish House Mafia was also brilliant!

Worst night: We love @ Space. Didn't like it that much last year but went there again this year because didn't want to go again to Eden in San An. Got really drunk and the rest of the night was kinda weirdish.

Best bar: Bora Bora. There is no comparison. Visited also Ithica, Mambo and Cafe Del Mar and they are so much inferior to Bora Bora. The staff really nice and music is good and loud.

Best place to eat: Burger King!

Money spent: About 1600€

Biggest regret: I'm not sure did one girl ask me out and I kinda said "No" because I though she maybe was pushing me tickets or something. I almost asked out the most beautiful girl-bartender after chatting her a bit in one club but then I decided that I'll just buy a beer instread (LOL). Biggest regret ever. I also regret that I didn't pack up my Absinthe bottles more better. Lost three bottles of relatively expensive stuff during flight. Also, I should have been there one week longer. Stupid, stupid me! I wanna go back!

Going back?: Yes, I am going back. Next summer probably for two weeks. It's also possible I'm going back in this september if I get a friend to come along. A long weekend might be nice. Like thursday to sunday, could go to Cream and Hed Kandi once again and head back to finnish fall and hide under the bed untill the next summer.

Top tip: Try to spot Bora Bora Spiderman! That guy had some moves!
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Dates you were there: Jun 13th - Jun 16th

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Bon Sol apartments, PdB

Club nights visited: We Love Sundays @ Space, As One @ Gala and Desert Island Disco @ Boho

Best night: We Love Sundays

Worst night: all 3 nights were good

Best bar: Amsterdam Bar, San An

Best place to eat: We were on a stag do, so didn't eat anywhere nice/that i'd recommend.

Money spent: £600 on spending money, £120 flight, £70 apartment

Biggest regret: not getting to any of the out-of-the-way places, that you need a car to get to

Going back?: Is that bear sh1t over there, amongst the trees?

Top tip: get hammered round the west end first, pretty much 10 drinks for every 1 you can buy in the major clubs
Dates you were there: 11th - 19th July 2009

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Hotel Brisa, San Antonio

Club nights visited: Zoo Project x 2, We Love Space, Carl Cox @ Space and Cream @ Amnesia

Best night: Difficult, between WLS and Coxy. Both absoutely banging nights with amazing atmospheres. I think Coxy and Umek just pip it.

Worst night: None, all were good. PVD was a bit too commercial.

Best bar: Mambo

Best place to eat: Didnt eat out at any great restaurants

Money spent: £1000

Biggest regret: Missing Cocoon, stupidly went back to the room after sunset to change camera batteries and ended up falling asleep. Woke up at 5am. Absolutely gutted. Luckily Pussycat Lounge gave us our money back on the tickets

Going back?: Yeah, away from San An next year though

Top tip:
Dates you were there: 6th july -8th july

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Hostel Rita, San An centre

Club nights visited: Cocoon @ Amnesia and Carl Cox opening @ Space

Best night: Tough one but cocoon topped it for me.

Worst night: last night because we were goin home.

Best bar: Bora bora was imense,iticha was also a good place to chill with a beer an people watch with good music playing.

Best place to eat: wasn't a trip where i was planning to eat much but had a nice meal at kanya's.

Money spent: 105 flights 35 hostel around 400 spending (most was spent in amnesia)

Biggest regret: Not stayin 20mins longer at amnesia.some guy we met said he got invited to an after party just after we left.....GUTTED

Going back?: Defo,going back 12th september with a big group of us for a week.....Bring it on!!!!!

Top tip: Hit the sunset strip, you get to see top dj's for the price of a beer and the vibe is really good.gets you set for a hard nights clubbing!
Dates you were there: 13th July - 23rd July

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): San Francisco Apartments, San Antonio

Club nights visited: 2 x Cocoon's, We Love, Subliminal, Zoo Project, Superfreq at Boho.

Best night: Tough choice, either Cocoon for Dubfire or We Love for Ben Watt's incredible set on La Terraza.

Worst night: None

Best bar: Plastik, San Antonio

Best place to eat: Davids, Stephans - both in San An

Money spent: £700

Biggest regret: Getting flu and missing Carl Cox, Underground, Monza and our last night on the island.

Going back?: Yes, hopefully in late September, but if not will be there in 2010.

Top tip: Make the most of every minute on the island. Time flies by over there and next thing you know you are on the plane home. Also, keep hydrated and get some vitamins down you! I caught the flu and it wiped me out for 5 days, so look after yourself!!
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Dates you were there: 21-22 July

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Garbi

Club nights visited: Carl Cox, Space

Best night: Carl Cox, even with Sasha there as well it was still the least busy I've seen it of the 3-4 times I've been. Hence it was actually possible to dance, and the crowd was great

Worst night: no such thing

Best bar: km5

Best place to eat: km5, the only similar outdoor lounge place I've been at is The Island in Athen. Compared to that, beerprices are half price at km5, food just as good, good service so great value

Money spent: Quite a bid for one night, not much for one night a year

Biggest regret:

Going back?: Yes of course. Yether if DC10 reopens in October or next year

Top tip: The babysitting service is excellent for a night out:!:
Dates you were there: 10th of July - 24th of July

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Jabeque apartements in Playa d'en Bossa

Club nights visited: Hed Kandi @ Space, Swedish House Mafia @ Pacha and Armada/Release Yourself @ Amnesia x 2

Best night: All of them, but actually Hed Kandi was lots of fun and we paid 10 or 15 euro, so it was definitely value for money.

Worst night: None.. but if I had to choose one it would be our first night at Armada/Release Yourself - my partner wanted to see Armin and he didn't show up before 4 AM..

Best bar: Mambo in San Antonio

Best place to eat: La Torreta and La Bodega, Dalt Vila

Money spent: hotel 450 euro, flight 70 euro and 500 euro in tickets, food, drinks..

Biggest regret: not renting a car this year (we did last year..)

Going back?: Yes, definitely.. I love Ibiza, but we're planning a trip to California next year, so not until 2011!

Top tip: Stock up on vitamins - your body is gonna need it! Visit Salinas or Formentera - beautiful beaches! Mambo is great for seeing your favorite DJs for free!
Dates you were there: 1st - 8th august

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Piscis Park... awfull pool!

Club nights visited: We love..., cocoon, Uderground, Cream

Best night: Tie between Cocoon and We love

Worst night: Cream, Sasha was boring!

Best bar:

Best place to eat: Zebra

Money spent: c. £800

Biggest regret: Getting swine flu in the last 2 days, not having a.c in the hotel,

Going back?: Not for a few years, if i do will book a nicer hotel!

Top tip: Go early to cocoon, que was a disgusting experience, but worth it! Plus the are behind the dj booth in the discoteca in Space is no longer vip, and is a great place to dance with plenty of room in nice cool a.c. Got some wicked vids of james Zabiela!
Dates you were there: 28/7/09 - 5/8/09

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Bossa Mar Apartments (Playa Den Bossa)

Club nights visited: Armada & Release Yourself @ Pacha, Channel Zoo @ Gala Night, Cream @ Amnesia, Radio One Party @ Ibiza Rocks Hotel, Wonderland @ Eden, Zoo Project @ Gala Night, Radio One & Cream @ Privilege, We Love Sundays @ Space, Swedish House Mafia @ Pacha, Join The Revolution w/ Carl Cox @ Space.

Best night: Radio One Party @ Ibiza Rocks Hotel.

Worst night: N/A.

Best bar: Bora Bora

Best place to eat: My hotel room :lol:

Money spent: 1500 Euros.

Biggest regret: Booking only 8 nights.

Going back?: Ofcourse!!!... Closing parties 1.5 more months (25/9/09 - 6/10/09).

Top tip: Sleep as less as u can, eat & drink as healthy as you can and party until you DROP! :twisted:
Dates you were there: 30th July - 04th August

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): The infamous Piscis Park!

Club nights visited: Cream@Amnesia, Radio1 live @ Ibiza Rocks, Zoo Project @ Gala Night, S****eys@BoHo, We Love..@Space, Cocoon @ Amnesia.

Best night: Cocoon

Worst night: Nah..!

Best bar: Savannah

Best place to eat: Didn't eat anywhere great - Mambo did a real good burger though....

Money spent: Pretty much £1000, not including flights and hotel.

Biggest regret: it was my first time, so sort of wish I'd made it to Pacha or Privilege. Always next year though...

Going back?: Hopefully 2 nights in Sept for We Love.. & Cocoon closing parties. If not then next summer. Definitely staying in Bossa next time though.

Top tip: Don't waste a second!
Dates you were there: 22-29th July

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Bellamar (3 nights) San An Bay/Hotel Club Don Toni (PDB) (4 nights)

Club nights visited: S****ys at Boho, Swedish House Mafia at Pacha, Zoo Project on Wednesday

Best night: Zoo Project

Worst night: None

Best bar: Savannah

Best place to eat: Didn't really eat anywhere nice!

Money spent: FAR too much!

Biggest regret: Not going up to San An enough to see the sunset

Going back?: Not sure, i think the island has changed so much! If i do it will be for a long weekend!!