Tell me a bit about Hed Kandi at El Devino



whats it like at El Devino and whats the Hed Kandi night like as ive never been to either?? in particular thinking of going on sat 28th June:

Hed Kandi opening party - Matt Collins, Paul Wilkins. Mark Doyle

whats the music like?
Similar prices for drinks as everywhere else?
Where is it location wise? Near Pacha?
A lot of beer boys?
Hed Kandi is super partys - last one i visted was house but extreme good atmosphere

EL devini os one of the nicest disco very cool and a cool vip section overlooking ibiza harbour
You generally don’t get any beer boys in El Divino. It’s a really lovely little club with an open air area that has gorgeous view over the harbour in Ibiza Town.

It can get busy but I’ve never experienced it to be too crowded. The music for Hed Kandi will be really funky.

Drinks I think are pretty much the same as all the big clubs.
There are gorgeous girls all over the white isle!!

But yeah you’ll see loads of stunning people (men and women) in El Divino. Loads of rich people too – all the people who moor their yachts in Ibiza Town harbour. I like to ‘people watch’ in El Divino.
Two words about Hed Kandi... GOOD SHITHed kandi nights are wicked, top music veryu funky and lots of uplifting vocals.

It attracts an older crowd (i.e no 16-17 olds) and def no beer boys.

I think they are having a pre part @es vive so why not rock up there first to check out the music and crowd beforte you decide to go to El Divino.

I reakon you should def. go though. I'm going on the 5th June! Good shit!
Here is the lowdown.....

Its a superb little club that has in some ways put people off by appearing to be too exclusive........however this is not a bad thing as it means the clientel are usually pretty selective and up for a good time.

The beginning of the night may be a bit odd however as many folks from the yachts in the harbour etc will go there to eat and chill in their slacks and ralph lauren shirts (don't let this put you off though!!) whilst wolfing down a lobster thermadore. Mind you by about 1.00ish they will have disappeared and the fun begins!!

Hed Kandi is perfectly suited for this place - as the funky tunes will match the decent decor and the small crowd (one of the smallest crowds on the island - although large by UK standards).

BUT the MAIN thing about the place is the terrace 8) .................its simply fact it will be worth going alone just to experience the walk outside when you are a bit spangled - the view is beautiful! and i don't think that there is anything more lovely to look at than the walls of old Ibiza Town over the water. Quality :lol:

I will certainly be aiming to fit one night in when i am there....although Space is in the morning!!!!!!!!! oops.

(and you are bound to walk into a couple of A listers or oscar nominees)
Soz - just realised i missed a few points:

Its on the opposite side of the harbour to Ibiza Town so you can catch a water taxi there if you want - nice.

Drinks were expensive if i remember correctly

and there are no beer boys - at all in will be in the minority if you are English (which i love).
el devinio is small and perfectly formed ( holds about 2000 )
has an ouside verande thing with tables overlooking the harbour
you can dance almost anywhere in the club and they have a cool bongo player and dancers
gets going later between 1-2 sometimes later depending on the night
I can see hed kandi getting going fairly though
Its the first time thay have been there so i don't know exactly what it will be like but Had Kandi never fail to impress ( if you like their music )
Drinks are expensive but no more expensive than pacha or space e.t.c
Never actually been to a Hed Kandi event before -their compilations has definately got me to check em out in Ibiza tho ;) :p