Teatro Ibiza


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Its opened every night through Winter I suppose ?

Was a locals Thing , Not many tourists. I think the old one causes a lot of marriages in the Island.


The concert of Tarque was the first time for many, me included, at the new Teatro Ibiza and the first impressions couldn't have been more positive. A much-needed 400-people capacity venue located at the recently renovated 4-star hotel El Puerto in Ibiza Town with a great a sound system and reasonable drink prices. To top it off, it offers live music six nights per week with its own resident band and, except for some one-offs like last friday, free entry.

Chatting away with the people in the queue forming outside before the doors opened you could feel the excitement in the air to see live the singer of spanish rock band M-Clan. Carlos Tarque played a few times on the island with his band (Parc Reina Sofia in 2005, Sant Pepe Rock in 2008 and an acoustic set at Sueños De Libertad in 2016) but this time he was coming to present his first solo release, simply titled Tarque (2018). During the 90-minute show we heard his solo album in its integrity, some cool covers ("Come together" by The Beatles and a reworked version in spanish of the blues classic "Evil", using the arrangement popularized by Cactus) and, obviously, a few M-Clan covers ("Se hizo de noche cuando te conocí", "Perdido en la ciudad", "Calle sin luz" and "Miedo"). Special mention to the musicians that accompany him in his solo adventure, featuring the rhythm section of M-Clan and Carlos Raya, one of the best (if not the best) guitarist in Spain.

Looking forward to more nights like this!

Ahora y en la hora
Juicio final
El diablo me acompañará
Peligro/Evil (Cactus)
Lobo solitario
Janis, Amy, Billie
Se hizo de noche cuando te conocí (M-Clan)
Comet ogether (The Beatles)
Perdido en la ciudad (M-Clan)
Cactus en el corazón
Calle sin luz (M-Clan)
Miedo (M-Clan)
Donde nace el Rock & Roll