Talamanca Vs. Ibiza Town



Hey- we are staying at the Playa Real in Talamanca- anyone have any news on it or if it is any good? and or if Talamanca is a good area to stay?
well i like talamanca, but then i could hardly describe myself as a 'crazy chick'
what are you looking for and i'll tell you if you'll find it?
hi lulu have a look at this site its great your hotel should b on it click on ibiza then look through names of hotels 4 yours www.vidado.com
I hope it's good, we're staying there July 18 - 26!!

We wanted the AC ; 8)
How far is it exactly to Ibiza Town or harbor? For example; could you walk to Pacha from Talamanca?
Just stayed @ Hotel El Corso which is next to Ocean Drive. A good location, a taxi boat over to town every 15 mins. Beach 100m away, Pacha 10 mins walk, El Divino 7 mins walk. Nice cafe/restaurants on the Marina. ;)
cookie said:
It takes about 20-25 minutes to walk to Ibiza Town from Talamanca

So if Pacha is about 5/10 minutes walk from Talamanca, then it is 15 minutes walk from Ibiza Town to Pacha? Then Ibiza Town is bigger than is thought.....