sxm festival


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Too far away for me these days. Very heavily dominated by US crowd too apparently - put me off going last year.


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I know the place, was there 4 years ago, it's a lovely island.

My favourite part of the Caribbean. I stayed at La Samanna back in the early 1990s (fantastic) and also stayed on the French side in Marigot briefly a while ago (very different). But all my other trips to that area ended up in either Anguilla or St Baths, both of which are very nearby and both amazing in different ways. It's strange to think of this happening in SXM, I would never have expected it 10 years ago - but the island is developed enough now for it to work.


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i know a few people playing and some friends going... might make it out. flights tend to be a bit high priced from LA and connections are poor... but always wanted to go to St. Maarten so we shall see!


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Gutted to see the island annihilated this week. Nowhere can recover from that scale of destruction quickly, though with the territory being French and Dutch soil hopefully there'll be enough resources thrown at it to get the infrastructure back up and running. Unlike the BVI and Anguilla whose independence puts them at a major financial disadvantage. The island is lawless right now by all accounts, it's hard to reconcile with what was there before.


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It broke my heart :(

Me too, not just here but St Barths and especially Anguilla and the BVI, the latter all but destroyed. These are all the islands I used to go to, it was the part of the West Indies I always went back to a bit like I do now so often with Ibiza. They have a very special place in my heart for well over 20 years. They will rebuild, but there are so many places destroyed and the people most affected are largely simple people with simple lives, not at all rich. It is very hard to accept the scale of the destruction there.

I stayed here one time and it looks like a holocaust :( :



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Yeah, things still suck. We are all living on small generators. Phone and internet are limited to certain spots and signal is typically weak.

My internet device works fine, but I have to walk 100 yards out my front door for a distorted cellphone call.

There is no running water. In the vi, most homes used cisterns anyway, not city water, but you still need power to operate your pump.

Some of the local Virgin Island major hotels have announced that they will be closed until winter 2018. I can imagine St. Martin is likely in the same boat. Grid power to most people may come after new years. I imagine that if there is a festival it will be scaled down.


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Funny thing... we used to live in Puerto Rico, which also got hit hard. Matinee was planing to bring La Leche this month. The party would have been tonight! Obviously not gonna happen.

Before the storms, Wife and I joked about going, maybe getting a discount since she is still lactating. She could squirt the crowd for tips!

In all honesty I wanted to go to that party each of our last two trips, but the dates never lined up, since its not weekly. The next one is a family trip, so no club nights... oh well.

In my opinion, I would be surprised to see the party catch on here, as PR and most of local Carib are pretty conservative.


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Glad you're OK @CasaNegron and hope you didn't lose too much. It's going to take quite some time for anything resembling normality to return for many I'm sure.
Property in Puerto Rico is fine as well as rental in st. Thomas. It wont be normal for some time. The biggest thing is power generation. I think January for island power.


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Unsurprisingly >>>>>

Dear SXM Festival Family,

Today we announce the news that the next edition of SXM Festival will happen March 13 - 17 - 2019. Please read the following statement which explains why we have had to make the difficult decision of postponing our planned 2018 event and to learn info about refunds for those who have already purchased tickets. Plus, you can find out more about how we will return bigger and better in 2019 with a brand new island and our best edition to date!!

Our ties to the island of Saint Martin / Sint Maarten are stronger than ever. It has always been our mission to have as many of you possible discover the most amazing island of the Caribbean! As with so many of our friends and partners, Hurricane Irma turned our jobs and lives upside down. Our wish is to see our gem of a rock recover as soon as possible and for this reason we have been considering all the available options to forge ahead with the third edition of what has become our pride and for many, the most beautiful electronic music event in the world: SXM Festival.

The determination, courage and resilience of Saint Martin residents has been an inspiration and will continue to inspire our work. But despite the devotion of our partners and of our team, we fell just short of the number of hotels rooms and operational flight routes needed to make the festival a reality so we are being forced to postpone in 2018. This will, however, allow more time to rebuild the infrastructures needed to stage the event and for the restoration of all air routes to SXM that are required to transport our fabulous festival adventurers. SXM Festival will host visitors to an always gorgeous island, and it’s brand new, fully functional infrastructure and show the world that it is open for business!

We want to thank, with all of our hearts, the incredible community of electronic music aficionados in Saint Maarten/ Saint Martin and our trusted, local partners in the hospitality services. We are deeply touched and overwhelmed by your messages and by the love you expressed for our project. We promise to come back even stronger than before and to raise the bar again and again, year after year, adapting the festival to the music market and to continue to be recognized as a world leading event.

A very special thank you goes to both the tourism offices of Saint Martin and Sint Maarten for their outstanding work in managing this crisis and for reviving tourism. We will be working closely with them again to deliver the 2019 edition through innovative and impactful marketing.

Last but not least, congratulations to all the St. Martiners who are working relentlessly to rebuild the island. Beyond the beauty, the success and reputation of the festival has been built on the exceptional quality of the services offered and the warm hospitality of its people. It is all of these elements which make the island truly unique.

Those who have bought tickets for SXM Festival 2018 will automatically receive full refunds within the next 10 business days via our ticketing partner website – Eventbrite. There’s nothing to do. It will automatically refund the full amount. No fees or anything!

Thanks for supporting us this far, we sincerely hope to see you in Saint Martin / Sint Maarten in 2019 or anytime before as you wish to come relax on one of our pristine beaches!



This was one I was looking forward to for 2018, it’s unfortunate what happend to the island from the hurricane, most definitely putting this one down on my calendar for 2019 :) looks like Miami
For WMC to fill that winter void.