Swedish house mafia!


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Ok, people who know my taste of music would react like what the hell is going one with me and the swedish....lol
very simple, i need to know if they are going to host a night in Pacha next summer. its very important to know about it.
the reason:
I'm co-organising a tour that goes through Ibiza this summer. the tour is (boys, you will like that): 50 swedish models, mainly from playboy, maxim, fhm and all this. also the will be swedish Djs and it will be interesting to host something like that at pacha with the swedish house mafia, i have some contacts within Pacha to organise it but need to know some news about the mafia...anyone could help would be great!
thanks a lot guys (and girls)!
tell angello you're planning on bringing 50 models to his party and he'll tell you whatever you want!!