Swedish House Mafia - Opening ??


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Swedish House Mafia - Opening Date ??

Can someone please confirm on what date the SHM: The Dark Forest Opening Party at Pacha is actually happening??

Various other Ibiza websites have the Opening Party date as the 22nd June.

Angello/Axwell/Ingrosso AND SHM's MySpace pages all have the 22nd June as the opening party date


Ibiza Spotlights party calender has the date as the 15th June - but with only Axwell (out of the 3) confimed ??

Which is the correct date? Axwells MySpace doesn't have him down to play anywhere on the 15th?

I'll be in Ibiza on the 15th, but not on the 22nd, so if the opening is then I'd deffo go!
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tbh, i can't see anything on ibiza voice that mentions the 15th

the opening is the 22nd. pacha have confirmed.
Oops. Sorry grego, I meant Ibiza Spotlight's calendar!!

I've corrected this in the above post.
**** am I going completely mad or has someone just updated the Ibiza Spotlight calendar??

I swear it had SHM Opening 15th June
Bob Sinclair
Sarah Main

I knew i wasn't going mad.

Managed to find this in my browser history, looks like someone updated the page as it's not there anymore. This happened within minutes of my original post!

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