Sven Vath new mix cd..


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Recently announced as this year’s ‘Best Techno DJ’ in Ibiza, Sven Väth has shown no signs of slowing down of late. His drive and passion for music have been moving his sound forward for years now, and have rightfully earned him a position in the league of the world’s best DJ’s. If you’ve ever seen the man at work then you’ll know what that means. Give him the right time, music and place and the ‘Cocoon’ will open when he thinks you’re ready!

Having just ended his fourth season in Ibiza at Amnesia, Sven Väth keeps delivering quality with Cocoon as a club night, record label, booking agency and more besides. This month Sven will release his new mix CD: “Sven Väth in the Mix – The Sound of the Fourth Season”. As the name suggests, this will be his fourth mix album featuring music from LFO, Ricardo Villalobos, Primal Scream, T. Raumschiere and DJ Tonio & David Caretta amongst others.

The last three 'sounds of' series have been cool....