Sven Vath in Singapore


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Booked a ticket to go to Ce La Vie next Friday. Got 2 weeks in Singapore lined up, anybody been to it?

What set can I expect from Sven? Heavy hitting techno?


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how was it?
Fantastic. Arrived back yesterday

Similar sounds to Ritchie Hawtin with the minimal vinyls he played, played a few progressive sounds which went down well aswrll. Crowd was up for it, got chatting to a chap who lives there from UK who was mollied up. Think he was the only one, on incoming passenger card it says DEATH TO ALL DRUG TRAFFICKERS. Clearly no f***s given :lol:

Also when I went to get a taxi there was a British chap passed out facedown ambulance had to come. Put a downer on it, but its great to see the session going strong in the far flung corners of the world

Impressive hotel aswell. We booked the club room for the last night


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Thanks for the report!
Always wanted to travel to a sven gig on another continent, will have to do that soon.