Supermen Lovers - Diamonds are for her.


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I picked this up about 6 months ago on import. Have they ever released it in the Uk? I haven't heard it anywhere. I reckon it's a good tune, what does anyone else think? In comparision to Starlight?

I'd give it 8 out of 10.

Another tune picked up in Ibiza last summer -

Red Alien (dj evolution&klubdoctorz mix) - (love this tune 9/10!) - anyone else think it's good?

Anyone got any hot tips for 2003???
robo (i already asked somewhere else), you know freefrom five - perspex sex? here in germany it´s rockin´ the dancefloors at the moment...
yeah you did ask that earlier, and i don't know the tune, what is it?? house, tribal, trance what???
it´s rather progressive house with a hard pumpin´´s one of those progressive ones that don´t suck ;-)
has anyone heard the bootleg of starlight. its got the starlight bass line but the vocal is, aw bollocks i cant remember what the tune is called now
its a girl singing: lyrics start of song - do you know how lucky i feel i am, 'cant remember next line', and everyday you teach me more and more. chorus - I want ya, oh i want you so! do you want it right now. Anyway I heard this in the glasshouse and it was really well received. anyone else heard it about :?: