sunset on the christina o


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look what's outside my window.....


they've come to watch the sunset. am i jealous? nah. we're having boiled ham butties!
no. another greek owns it. it cost 50m dollars to refit and is now 70000 dollars a day to charter. it's actually still here now parked in front of savannah.
Ibiza-girlie said:
wauw thats expensive!!!!
you live near Savannah then? not a bad place to be located!

you've got to be joking!

i can see savannah from my living room window - right across the water!
She's a beautiful ship. All the modern yachts look too flash and tacky/bling bling in comparisson.

Whats that 5 masted sailing ship that sometimes frequents Ibiza harbour? Didnt see her this year but did the last couple.........
Looks like it!

She was in the harbour when i went to el divino a couple of years ago....

Someone said she was sailing out later in the night, i dont think i left the terrace all night, wanting to see her leave the port, and it was worth it when she did, looked beautiful! Girlfriend wasnt too happy though dancing on her known inside ;) :lol: