Sundays or Mondays?

Dr Fox

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Looking for your views. Carrying on the Space Theme, having not been, I want to know what is the big difference between the 2 nights/days ( Biff - before you say, I know it's on a different day!)? We are probably going to funk it up in Eden on the Sunday, check out Manumission on Monday and would consider going to Space on either day. Is there a distinct difference in the music, atmos or style?

We WILL make it this year, even if i have to drag those candy-asses who are on the verge of collapse.
space is obligatory on sunday - at least once. most of my friends like going in the mid morning - afternoon - it's not so full and 'just like the old days' (sad old tossers ;) )

unfort. in end of july, august and september around 8 pm when the 'big names' come on to play it is stupidly full and undanceable.

other good days are thursdays and saturdays. but dooooo treat yourself to one sunday :)
there is nothing to beat sunday luchtimes at space. the music is roaring, there is space to dance and the sun is bright and cheerful. If you can bag a space on the steps, the crush later on becomes more tolerable.

when you enter space, rather than making your way straight onto the dancefloor, go inside, past the toilets and onto the terrace from the other side of the dj booth. there is always a bit more room there ive found. (please do not tell everyone though as this will negate the above point :D )
Cheers James, appreciate the input. Going in the afternoon sounds a bit too hardcore for me! Will probably be on death's doorstep around that time.

We are going to be there in August, so I guess we will have to prepare ourselves for a bit of a crush? Going to have to put a ton of Sure on or we'll be drippin' by the sound of it.

Good to hear that there's a Thursday night too....a back up plan always comes in handy, especially as the troops have a tendency to go MIA on the Sunday! :lol: