Sundays at Space - buy tickets or pay on the door????


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I'm going to the opening party of We Love Sundays and when I've been to Space before I've just paid on the door.

Should I buy tickets in advance for this either here or at one of the ticket outlets over in Ibiza. I'm not sure if you get the pass out with these you see and I definately want that.

Anybody?? :)
I've been to last 2 openings of We Love Sundays and each time we have bought ticket on the day from Playa den Bossa/Ibiza Town and you get pass-out with them.

Shouldn't be problem paying on door as long as you get there pretty early but tickets are a few euros cheaper if you buy in advance plus you get free drink.
Barbie - If you pay on door does that mean you cant get a pass out?