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Been to it a good few times before. Personally, was always more of an Arches man - more rooms and some chill out space! How strict are security these days?


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I went to Digweed in Hollywood @ Academy LA... It wasn't even that packed. Of course stupid me I get there the night before and go to a Tiesto show. Well, that's a hard act to follow if you've never seen Tiesto, but I love John Digweed. I hung around for a little while before going back to my apartment that I rented from Priceline, but after the previous night I was too tired to really enjoy. That, and I'm past my prime; which I knew going in but I went out anyway just to relive some of the glory days.

He's super cool. You can tell he's a really nice guy, and his albums... I particularly like this one.

I have Bedrock XX, but I still like the old one the best...


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Agree about Glasgow, frustrating.

Had there license extended to 4 for weekends and 5 for bank holidays/festive season but this is a Thursday night so 4 hrs of Diggers for £12 from start to finish is quality and will do me.

Will get there for the full 4 hrs.