Student looking to work ibiza 04 needs company



str8 acting gay guy wants to work ibiza 04 as I have all summer free !!
Don't wna to do it alone though and most of my friends can only go for a week!
hey me and me mate are wantin to go work out there in 04 so i have the msg below ur one hehe get in touch xxxx
Working in Ibiza summer 2004!

Hiya guys im looking for someone (or people) to share accommodation with this summer, if you are interested. Im a second year student and have the whole summer free too. Drop us an email - Becky
So many people planning on going it's gonna be full of uk kids rocking the island. I'll be there, hopefully with my mate Myles (He's Irish, and very sexy) Wish the summer was here now so I can party party party...oh yeah, and work! ;) Bring on 2004!