Street partys/parades


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Any1 know where the best pre club street parades are on and at what times. I have heard that amnesia & Manumission put on good street parades.

Going aug 27th just over 2 weeks to go 8)
check the port area

all the clubs promote their nights in the port area. Especially, El divino, Amnesia and Manumission. You can't miss them.
Don't get too excited they only walk past the bars, it's not that spectacular.

The girls are worth seeing though
Sometimes they go to the beaches to promote the nights.

Last summer, we had the Pirati promoters throwing ice-lollies at Salinas!
never actually been to one, I would recommend them tho, coastline and mambo's have the best pre partys I think, check em out mate, they usually start around 9-10 and have buses to the club after. I went to get a bus from coastline to el devino for Hed Kandi and was waiting over an hour! Apparently one of the buses broke down, but some thoroughly decent bloke came out and told us the score, which was better than just leavin us there!

Anyways,- check out them pre-partys! ;)