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Right peeps here's my review of my '09 trip to Ibiza - 11 days in San An. This year was amazing - we say it every year but it was definitely the best times iv'e had over there in terms of clubbing, music and atmosphere - if you hit clubs at the right time it can be absolutely immense! I can't be doing with people that go to the White Isle and just hang around their pool by day and sit in the West End all night - there's so much more out there to see and do.

I wanted to go to Ibiza this year and have a 100% drinking holiday and nothing else, and that's exactly what I did - I felt great during the day and made it to more club nights than I usually do. The last 3 years in a row I missed Carl Cox due to hitting the madness too hard at Cocoon.. Just having a drinking session every night paid off and I'd recommend it to anyone. Saved myself a fortune too! 8)

Here was me thinking Ibiza was going to be a ghost town this year.. far from it - the only real change was that they had to close some bars early on big clubbing nights like Mondays and Thursdays. The workers and bar staff told me they thought it was pretty quiet this year but that comes from being there since May and seeing the people come in and go home again. When you just go for a week or so at the peak of the season you can't really tell. All the usual places were still busy.
Sunset Strip, San An Waterfront, Westend, Playa D'en Bossa and Bora Bora were all very busy.

I think people are still going to Ibiza, but spending less and budgeting even more - this is why there were less people than usual in bars and restaurants during the day, but at night.. the freaks came out :)

The Island is as beautiful as it always was and when you fly over it's amazing seeing the familiar landmarks like the port and D'alt Vila in Ibiza Town and Playa D'en Bossa beach.




I'm not gonna bore you with a day by day account of my holiday, so I'll just tell you bits and bobs about it - i'm still trying to piece it together myself :)

Bar wise, we mostly spent our time in the Orange Corner, Bar M and Itaca. The music in Orange Corner was excellent with guest DJs playing every day. All the latest underground House and Old School early 90's House music too. Bar M had a good mix of people and music in it this year. Lot's of freaks out and about - guys in women's underwear with teddy bears on their heads, guys in leggings doing back-flips in the midddle of the pub and next door in Itaca it was pretty much the same - male Geishas :confused: and girls on roller skates inside the bar - and outside people either bouncing along the waterfront or being carried up the street by their friends comatose, pretty much every night in San An :lol:

Other good bars to check out have to be Mambo and Kanya on the Sunset Strip although they are a bit more pricier for food and drink.



^^Check out the 'sunglasses salesman' :lol: in the pic above- they were everywhere this year (as per) but they weren't too much of a pain in the arse, a quick 'no' and they usually get the message, it does get a bit crazy sometimes when you have to run the gauntlet of 3 standing on either side of the street waving boxes of shades at you! :lol:

The funniest ones have to be the female Lookies that walk up to you and announce 'I'm from Africa!'

No Sh*t! :lol:

The Guardia were out on force this year - I pretty much saw them every day out on patrol, searching Lookies and making their presence known. Sometimes I've went to Ibiza and not seen the GC once but they were everywhere this year, and just like the Lookies, they appear when you least expect it so be careful.

Other good things to do during the day is to go out on a boat a see the coastline and Es Vedra. The scenery is amazing (especially in the Cala D'hort area) but all the little beaches are awesome on the west coast.




Onto clubbing, I felt the ticket prices were even cheaper this year unless you were a fan of David Guetta or We Love... of course :lol: The most money I paid to get into a club was 50 and that was for Cocoon @ Amnesia. In descending order the rest of my nights were 35 - Space 20th Birthday, 30 - Zoo Project, 27 - Monza and 20 each for - Meganite and Carl Cox which isn't too shabby at all. There were lots of deals on the go and the promenade from Bar M to Kanya should be called Wristband Road - there were PR everywhere trying to get you into Eden and Es Paradis for free before 2am. That's okay if you are skint but I personally didn't fancy any of those nights in those clubs. Just look for discounted flyers for the bigger nights you are going to. You can save money (on tickets) if you fancy going in a little earlier. But what you save on tickets will be spent on booze, so choose your time of entry into a club wisely - you don't wan't to run out of cash before your favourite DJ's have even left their villas :lol:

The Boho PR machine was out on force too every night trying to fill the place. There wasn't much activity going on around that club at all - just the occasional drunk lying outside it at 4am, my hotel was right next to Boho and I never once saw a queue outside, looked pretty crap actually - can't see it lasting long...

The most expensive club night was without a doubt FMIF @ Pacha - David Guetta and co. charging people 65 Euro a ticket is a joke, but they still fill Pacha every Thursday! I was at Sunset strip area both Thursdays when he was playing his pre party there. And it was actually the busiest I'd seen the place the whole time I was there.


The runner up was We Love.. but only because Grace Jones was playing that night, I think this was 60 but it would normally have been around 50.

Music wise, the biggest tunes had to be Michel Cleis - La Mezcla and Dennis Ferrer - Sinfonia. I heard them absolutely everywhere and in most of the clubs I went to too.

So after my fifth year in a row on the White Isle my verdict is that it's still the place to be!

Club Reviews -

CARL COX @ SPACE 11/08/09
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Fab review neilly and great birds eye pics, gonna try some of those myself 8) can't wait for the clubbing review :D
It doesn't look so bad from up there ,
maybee I'll be alright after all lol


on this older picture you can see algarb´s pool, right the garbi.
that big green field in between doesn´t exist anymore,
there is some (more or less) ugly appartmentbuilding now.
Great review. Our paths probably crossed a fair bit.

About Boho, I ended up there on a Saturday and it was pretty busy. Music was decent and crowd was varied. Lots of dressing up (and dressing down 8)), maybe that was people who had been at Gala Night earlier, I dunno. But I was pleasantly surprised. Returned a few days later when it was much emptier and police had to be called due to some roid rage fellas in the VIP bit.
Great review!
I'm glad u had the time of your life - that's what Ibiza is (STILL) here for! 8)
It doesn't look so bad from up there ,
maybee I'll be alright after all lol
there is a minor chance you will survive -
but only if you stay away from that room where they serve strange stuff
they call "food" :lol:
especially for breakfast stay away from the machines
with the brown smelly water (= "coffee") and the artificial orange water (= "orangejuice").

Which will no doubt be the view from my room! Gwad
if you are lucky !

... but if they give you a ground-zero-backyard-pdb-mainstreet-view-room
you are ****ed :)

only chance to enjoy your holiday in such a 70s bunker is an upper-floor-beachfront-seaview-room.
good luck :)