Steve Lawler @ Space 27/07/03


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This is a total shot in the dark as I asked Steve Lawler about this track and when he showed me the record there was f all on the white label so he shrugged his shoulders. Thats what Ive been doing ever since. He played it at about 10pm I think. A pretty tough number with a rolling bassline and in the break there was a huge siren that built and built before these mad electronic noises brought in the kick again. It was unreal and everyone sitting near me got up and were asking "what the f**k was that" . Sorry for being so vague but any ideas????......
Sorry, Amigo, but pretty much everything Steve Lawler played that night sounded like that to me :eek:
heh if steve lawler doens't know what it is i wouldn't hold your breath on anyone else knowing, but well you never know

good luck
Told you it was a shot in the dark! Just thought someone in the crowd may have handed the white label to him some week and would be on line here sometime. But it was a standout track that day so fingers crossed. thanks anyway folks.