Staying in a Villa


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Anyone been to Ibiza and stayed in a villa, my mate wants to do it this year, anywhere not too far from eden and es-paradis?

We will hire a car so Amnesia won't be a bother.
Last year I quite fancied staying in a villa, then we went to a villa party and got slightly stranded then got a run home from a guy at the party. We ended up in an 80 mph head on collision with another car, luckily no one was hurt in our car but two people in the other car were badly injured. Then we got stranded again at another villa party later that week which lead me to the conclusion that hiring a villa means someone will always have to drive, which isnt really good, and the chances of being stuck in the middle of nowhere is really likely.

Although some people dont mind driving and can be sensible, but it would definelty be a bad idea for us. :D
Right, we hired a villa last year just outside San Raphael (half way between ibiza town and san an)

The bus ran through San Raphael every 15 minutes from 8 am - 11pm and there was a resturant, spar etc in san raphael.

If we missed the last bus, we used to get the waiter in the resturant to call us a taxi.

Our villa was a 10 minute walk from San Raphael.

Worked out perfect. We also hired cars for the day, and went off to different parts of the island.
just come back from Staying in a villa out there and to put it quite simply
DO IT!!!!!!

try out james villas on the net, they are pretty good!