Spring break in Ibiza

clubbingwise, the island is still pretty dead at the end of march. sure, pacha is open (not the full club though) and you have smaller venues and a lot of bars with a familiar atmosphere, but it's nothing like during the season in summer (the rest of the big clubs like amnesia, space, privilege etc. are only opening in may/june). the island is really nice in spring though - but as i guess you want to hit the island for clubbing reasons, i really wouldn't recommend it at the end of march. forget spring break in ibiza - it doesn't exist. i assume you're from the US? why not hit barcelona or berlin or zurich where you get some really good clubbing every weekend all year round. save ibiza for early june, hit the island just before you travel back to wherever you come from - because at the beginning of june you can hit the opening parties and that's something i really recommend!