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Discussion in 'Clubbing open chat' started by stivi, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. stivi

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    hi guys,

    we've got a chunk of news this year. but we'll take it step by step. during the next few weeks and in the run up to the season, we will roll them all out bit by bit.

    today we'll start with telegram.

    many of you will know this already - it's basically a smartphone messenger app like whatsapp, but has some cool options.

    we've built a spotlight news channel which you can all subscribe to. this channel is a one-way communication tool which we'll use to spread info...announcements etc. we think it's very handy for you guys as the upcoming season approaches. once you've set up telegram you can simply subscribe here: (and if you're getting bored simply unsubscribe)

    other than that we have also just opened a spotlight chat (two way communication this one) to which I've invited a select few forumers already (basically some of you guys whom I have your mobile numbers of and are already using telegram). this chat works on invite basis only so if you'd like to be included there to get all the secret info, chat with other people etc please private message me with a very good reason as to why you should be part of it too hahaha :) it's almost like the old secret forum for now :) we might make this available to more people at a later point, but for now we start using this for spotlight friends and family to see how it all works.

    more spotlight news soon :cool:
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  2. Ikoda

    Ikoda Well-Known Member

    Following it
  3. elmooreo

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  4. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    Im on telegram I only have 3 friends on it..:lol:
  5. perrylgooner

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  6. ibiza77

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  7. bag baggins

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  8. CasaNegron

    CasaNegron Active Member

    Sorry, still rocking the ol' flip-phone (by choice)... ;)
  9. LuckyBlueSuit

    LuckyBlueSuit Active Member

    In. When does the carrier pigeon arrive?
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  10. macdonsj

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  11. IanF

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    Never heard of telegram before. Looks good, but I’ve got less friends than Craig.
  12. macdonsj

    macdonsj Moderator

    1 have 1 :lol:
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  13. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    Im not on on Facebook crapchat or whatsup.. only telegram.. I have a mate that works for "The Internet" said its the best and safest o_O if your into naughty stuff:oops:
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  14. Malk

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    Is this going to be like the Berghain of chat groups? :lol::lol:
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  15. CasaNegron

    CasaNegron Active Member

    Been off FB for about two years now. As for the 'Naughty Stuff', I send my dic-pics via raven.

    And by "pics", I mean charcoal sketches....
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  16. Bucko08

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    Ive joined. Never even heard of 'Telegram' before
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  17. Morbyd

    Morbyd Moderator

    They were the first big app to do end-to-end encryption (now copied by WhatsApp).
    Really popular in Russia, Iran... places where people worry the government might be eavesdropping!
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  18. stivi

    stivi Super Moderator Staff Member

    morbyd is back!
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  19. craig72

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    Our man in Moscow..:)
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  20. Nono

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