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news!! :eek:

this year space will open not only on new years day but also on december 27th and january 3rd!! :eek:

· saturday 27th - la comunidad (fly and pepo lanzoni)
· thursday 1st - new years day (tba)
· saturday 3rd - la comunidad (fly and pepo lanzoni)

Do they have the terrace open, or is it just inside like La Comunidad is normally through the summer?
gecko2 said:
Do they have the terrace open, or is it just inside like La Comunidad is normally through the summer?

When I want on New Years Day the terrace was well and truly open :D

not even the manager was willing to tell me that today :p allthough he did let slip that a possible christmas day party 25th december might be on ;-)


the terrace will def be open on NYE and prob on christmas if space opens. as for la comunidad??? don't know
im sure it will open the january 3rd only the night
its a saturday , and remember that laws say its not
possible for space to play in the terrace during the nights .

every year space opens the morning of 25 december ,
why not will it open this year too ?
What clubs will be open apart from Space and Pacha?

I suppose Amnesia will be open on NYE, won't it?
And what about Privilege, El Divino, or DC10?


they are reforming the club at the moment and maybe it wont be ready for the end of the year!!



i know the reforms they're doing there,
but lets dont crash the bubble, don't
you think , mcracking ? 8)
taken from the space website:

SPACE, Playa d’en Bossa – Open! Probably. We’re still trying to find club exec
Fritz to confirm exactly when. We dunno where they got their info but the guys
on Ibiza Spotlight (
) reckon it’s gonna be open any or all of these dates:

December 25 – djs?
December 27- La Comunidad
January 1 - djs?
January 3 - La Comunidad

they dont even know when space is opening? :lol: :lol: :lol:
another update!! :eek:

according to one of the resident djs it will open on december 25th and january 1st but
only the terrace because the reforms inside wont be finished this year!! :eek:

friend of mine spoke to fritz yesterday,. he was doubtful whether space would open at all.

if it does open, it will be terrace only - he is worried about weather