Space - We love Sundays !!


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Going to "We Love Sundays @ Space" closing party, what is the best time to get there ? Where can i purchase the cheapest tickets ? I am aware if i get there before 10am it will be cheaper but you don't get a wrist band. If i were to go there after 10 and leave say to go to Bora Bora for a few hours do i have to queue up again even if i have my wristband or can i waltz straight in ?

Any help will be much appreciated :-(
there is a place close to space, as your heading towards in on the right, across the road from bora bora, they done us tickets for 45 euro, or when all 8 of us went around 40 with a free drink.

or in playa den bossa main road theres a bar at the start, cant think of name again but a bloke called Alix done us tickets for Rodger at Pacha for 35 euro with a free drink, was well please with this price.

Best thing would be to ask around mate
You can also buy the ticket online at
the ticketprice is the same as you buy on the street. I tested this way and had no problems...and you have already a card!!!! i bought a card for we love space@sundays .... and also get a wristband and a free drink...